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Last Activity:
Dec 26, 2016
Aug 16, 2012
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New Member

Garchompers was last seen:
Dec 26, 2016
    1. kaworu52
      Hey I've got a Level 100 Arceus I'd be willing to trade you for your Deoxys if you're interested. Just let me know.
    2. flyer1228
      Thank you for the trade!
    3. EthanS
      Im ready to trade
    4. doseljugo
      Sorry for teh bother...

      I am asking people to join this site that is really big on community. It is a Pokemon site that rewards you with points for when you post and make threads, and it has a reputation system that gives you points when you get a like and when you give one. These points can be traded in to "buy" Pokemon that a Distributor can trade to you in game or through files... which is how people clone. Right now you can get a flawless Genesect, year of the Dragon shinies and the fossil event Pokemon!

      If you don't know how to clone, spending some time there might make you an expert like it did me. Posting 5 times there will make you a member, posting 25 times will give you access to a contributions thread where you have access to a ton of Pokemon files that people have uploaded... usually events and rarish Pokemon. I personally posted Hoenn DW starters on there and I found all 9 Kyushu events shiny in there among other shiny an flawless Pokemon.

      So sorry to bug you but I want to ask you to join the site and post at least 5 times (the minimum it takes to count you as a member). We are at 700 members and once we hit 800 everything in the shop will be half off.


    5. Garchompers
      lol thankls!! well so far its red but i'm sure when i get deeper in the story i will find some other awesome characters to dig as well!! and weavile is a dope pokemon as well!!!
    6. LadyTriox
      Sweet! Who's your favorite character?^^ I liked Gold at first...now its either Silver or Crystal?...XD;

      Silver's kinda attractive too...even tho he's a bit young for me lol. WAIT TILL HE AGE'S...:D

      Charmander is adorable :)
    7. LadyTriox
      I like your avatar.

      Crystal has a Hitmonlee in the manga, too :) She's awesome with that Pokemon.
    8. LadyTriox
      Hi! Wanna be friends?
    9. 5sniperwolf
      Hey I just read the about you part and well, I may possibly get you a hitmonchan (just be patient)
    10. shinymankey
      Okay, enjoy your Charmander :D
    11. shinymankey
      I'm in the room now :)
    12. shinymankey
      sure why not
      p.s. you vm'd yourself again
    13. Garchompers
      yesss!! ill go ahead and link up, and do you still want the gibble? it has a quiet nature and its level 15.
    14. shinymankey
      Charmander just hatched
    15. shinymankey
      Okay I'll breed you one.
    16. shinymankey
      I do not have a hitmonchan, but I can breed you a charmander.
    17. shinymankey
      I'm going in now.
    18. Garchompers
      ok got it and sorry i forgot to mention my trainer name, its gio
    19. shinymankey
      Okay and you need mine, too. (bottom stairs)
      1764-9493-0605 Robyn
    20. shinymankey
      Oh, you're welcome. What's your FC?
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:
    I love pokemon games who doesnt?
    diamond fc: is 1936-7721-5857
    white 2 fc: 4256-1305-1928

    3ds fc : 2165-6174-7596

    In game name :patriot


    Diamond Fc: 1936-7721-5857

    white 2 fc: 4256-1305-1928
    trainer name: Gio