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  • Wait, do you want this team to be wifi? Because on PO, deo-s is legal in DW. I'm fine with it either way.

    As far as the abusers go, we could have like 2-3 screeners. (probably 2). Then a smash passers like gory. Perhaps 2 set-up-sweepers, and then probably 1 choiced mon.
    We can obviously go WAY more in depth about it once we decide the tier.

    Also, argh, I hate the new set up, its so confusing. At least it auto-saves your progress every now and then. I hate getting long posts deleted.
    I currently play drag mag / HO. Despise even setting up rocks and enjoy playing on the PO official server at around 1400-1500 rating. You?
    I see you and Jets are already making "nice" in the forums. I disagree with the statement under your name though. Xatu and Espeon are both pretty darn epic in their own rights lol
    are you still here? i was thinking about getting the abandoned forest together again. irony... "abandoned"
    Great, I don't really stray too far from bulky offense teams so I don't really know much about using stall etc. I wanna try something new for this team. Also can you give me a Mark out of 10 for my old rmt :) Just for reference xD
    ok, so it is 312 now, and i checked to see if you are there. its like we keep barely missing each other. so how about this: i will be on at 4:15 (lord willing), be there at that time too.
    me as well, sorry. i was moving today and tommorrow's easter, so...

    But when i get off from school on monday, we can battle then (i live in texas, and get off at 4:00, so go figure the math.
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