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  • Hey GG....um...slightly awkward but are you going to continue Visions of Fate? It's just that I was enjoying it and noticed you hadn't posted on it since 2008.....sorry if this is awkward :(
    do you want to my friend becuse i want to know more about serebii like how make a clan and how to send a image to my friend.
    Hey, I saw your post in the club today. Congratulations on finally getting the shiny Ralts!

    (I know we've never spoken, but I couldn't post a one-liner in the club.)
    Hey, I saw your post in the club and wanted to let you know that the last time I PMed a mod about name changing, and they said the system for it or whatever is "broken" - I honestly think they're being lazy and just use that excuse since mods have gotten their name changed after I said something >.> If you're going to ask, please let me know what happens ^^;;
    -shrugs- Time isn't really sudden. But I want to try friendship again, see where it goes. Something casual, like you suggested before.
    -shrugs- I noticed when I randomly came on here (after friending someone else) that you were still on my friends list, just unchecked. So I checked you off. Me thinks that, if you want, we could talk - Friends and such.
    Well I don't mind. After all, I suck at writing stories unless it's a school project or something like that. Most of the time, my ideas come as different scenes, but I don't know how to connect them. And no offence but many stereotypists would be disapointed if they read your stories.
    I really like your emotional one-shots. They really are different from everyone else's. Somehow you have a talent for depresion and emotion. I look forward to reading your next one!
    Yeah, I'm really hyped up about that right now. ^_^ Especially since the ranking was higher than I expected, for an eight-page one-shot amidst submissions that ranged around the twenty-pagers. O_O

    At the same time, though, I think I'm hooked on writing these now. Heck, I just finished a second one over the weekend.
    The cliffhanger to your latest chapter was o.k., but the most remarkable point of the chapter seems to be theme of the shadow pokemon in sinnoh, which have been treated in an indirect, yet precise way.

    Just continue in that way, sister.
    Hey to you too. :3 How've you been?

    *sees you updated your fic* ... *sighs and adds VoF to the list of stories he still needs to read*
    Why, thank you. ^_^ I've just re-entered my Riolu and Lucario craze again, so...yeah.

    Anyways, I've been good. Aside from writer's block, and the occasional scrape with my dad...><;
    Greetings for having your fic back in to the listings, and good luck with your future writings.

    P.D: If you need ideas on how get Tyler rear painfully kicked (in both the metaphorical sense or otherwise) send me an E-mail to the address I recently registered in here, 'cause I deleted my hotmail account a few months ago.

    Read you later!
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