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  • Hey gardevoir. Haven't talked to you in a while. :)

    Come back I miss you :(

    Start being active again.
    Yeah, I'm pretty much clueless on how to do those things. Damn this 12-year old brraaain!
    Ugh... Photobucket...
    It looks like a dot on Photobucket. Could you give me a little... err... tutorial? X_X
    Hey. Haven't talked to you in a while. Wasup?
    Oh yeah, I was messing around with MS paint yesterday, and I made this awesome Gardevoir/Flaafy/Roserade/Typhlosion fusion. If only I knew how to give it to you... ( It's Gardevoir based, so I thought it'd be nice to give it to you. )

    Basically, My dad did something, I didn't agree, he said "So? I run this house! BLAH BLAH BLAH!", I argue, he argues, I cuss him out, I get grounded.
    No, I have not dissappeared.
    Just got grounded for a couple months. Not supposed to be on now. Bye
    Still, my Spiritomb can learn Spite, & combined with Pressure, that'll definitely eat away at your precious PP. & with Ominous wind, the only thing I need to do is activate this, then make like this:
    So, you're saying that your Raichu is stronger than your main character, or are you telling me that he's better equipped to fight off ghosts?
    It's a shame that I can't access Wi-fi...
    If I did, my ridiculously over-powered Spiritomb would be able to challenge your rescue force.
    That would be something that I'd like to see.
    And why do you think I hardly ever visit there anymore? I got school too, ya know.

    That Baron guy seems to have the hangs of things, but... he's not that great...
    You ever get... err... territorial when someone rates a team badly?

    *Edits many of the stick figure drawings Ive made in my Big Bad Art Book*
    Omg yaahh ur sig is adorable <333heartheartheart

    Lol. How do you make one of those? You're a talented artist. If I tried to make one, it'd be with stick figures and have a sun with a smile and dotted eyes on it.
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