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  • the shinies i currently have are
    -event Gengar
    -Diancie ( non-shiny, i don't know for sure if it's worth anything, just wondering)

    also, i've never really payed much attention to IV's and the like. subsequently, i know next to nothing about them, or how they work.in specific, i was wondering how would i find out the IV's for my pokemon? after i check them, i can get back to you with thier IV's and such.
    i saw you were trading a Shiny Duskull, and am interested in trading. you did'nt really specify what you wanted for it, so just VM me and name your price.
    yeah the four of em, sorry for a late response, serebii never notified me about my visitor messages idk why
    lol yah mainly just for collection :p i have sapphire so resh shiny i'm unable to get n ur zekrom shiny is different nature then one i have
    am interested in your Zekrom Naughty Reshiram Hasty Kyurem adamant Latias naive gardevoir timid male i have a shop with a bunch of kb shiny pokes let me know what u want in return
    im interested in your oras shiny legends, if u would like a list of what i have my shiny post is a bit above yours on the same page, lemme know if u would be interested in any trades
    Your Inbox is full, so I'm posting here ;)

    Yes, I'm interested. Would you be interested in a 5*31 IV (sadly, HP is only at 12-13) calm Lapras with it's HA and a 4 Eggmoves, a 5*31 IV (HP at 16-17) timid Sigilyph with Stored Power and Psyshift, a 5*31 IV (Def at 22-23) timid female Snorunt with it's HA and Spikes, a calm 5*31 (Def at 26-27) Swablu with 4 Eggmoves, a 5*31 (Special Def at 24-25) timid Butterfree with it's HA, a 5*31 (Initiative at 23) timid Charizard with it's HA and a few Eggmoves or a 6*31 calm Poliwag with it's HA and Encore and Haze? All are shiny, kalosbred and nicknameable. Lapras and Poliwag are in Dive Balls, Swablu is in a Premier Ball, Butterfree in a Net Ball, Snorunt in a Heal Ball, Sigilyph in a Gorgeous Ball and Charizard in a regular Pokeball.
    Whoa O_O looks like scoring shinies isn't the crazy stupid luck thing it used to be before gen 4! Which, I think, is kinda a good thing to be honest. I went absolutely years on my Ruby game and NEVER even came across a wild shiny, in a good 8+ years of play! I think I say a shiny espeon once, in the battle tower :L but never anything catchable. I remember when my cousin caught a shiny tentacool on his Sapphire, we were both just :O :O :O for days :p

    Then came platinum and my luck changed O_O I caught a shiny Roselia and then... another shiny roselia! Only the second one was with pokeradar chaining. Then I captured a random shiny girafarig! Which looks pretty cool :)

    Whoa Mega Kangaskhan's ability is crazy O_O no wonder they didn't sky rocket it's attack stat, but 125 base stat plus effectively another 63 base stat attack as well, damn. Just looked it up, Gale Wings is an amazing ability!!
    You decided if your going to trade me the Tyrunt?
    If not I'll take either the Absol or Love Ball Mawile.
    Fled haha? Whoa sounds like it got pillaged or something ;P

    Ugh, same old really tbh man but still haven't played X... :S still sorta consider myself a half-hearted/reluctant fan. I just love some stuff too much- like Xerneas, Scyther, Eeveelutions etc. But Mega Evolutions will always be a 'mistake' to me :S it's the moment that they've truly jumped the shark for me; or should I say bumped the shark... to 700 BST :L

    How about you? How goes your adverntures? :D
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