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  • I have every legendary you listed on pokemon black and I am a 3ds owner.My fc to pokemon black is 1635-6602-6500.Just meet in the wifi club on pokemon black and white right now.
    Hey dude, a while ago you asked me to register your 3ds fc and I never did :p. Anyways, I went back to the VM and it said your fc is invalid...
    ahhh niiice man, what colour does it go? shiny regice?
    hehe me neither, i got ma deoxy's an that was it, cos its jus soo damn awsome
    nice, yea i didnt finish it, ma mam came in to watch southpark and i was sitting on my ds going "fuuck fuuck fuuuuuuck". ill have it done 2morra, half the health ev's are done, remember though, aerobatics is a 110 attack with no items given, and its 100% accurate.
    soz for the delays it shall be done 2mooroo
    true tis, kyrem has glaciate, but i would rather replace it with blizzard, less accuracy but 3x the power, btw i have ev'd the attack, im working on the hp at the mo, might have it done soon, if i do ill txt ya. btw if you find anyone else who cba ev'ing recomend, me, but remind them i come at a price.
    yo man im ev'ing now, i changed the attack on x scisor to aerobatics, if you give scizor no item then it is an attack of 110. also because of the ability technician, aerial ace does 90 damage, sooo there was no point in x scizor, also vacum wave does 60.. hmm doesnt matter jus changed it for x scizor. and bullet punch does 60 damage
    im going for a different plan to speed + attack, i might do a similar thing with regigigigiggas and gastro acid
    yo joe i gota gud idea for double battling with slacking, use! cofagringus and slacking, get cofa to do some shitty attack at it, (physical attack) and then it would get the mummy skill, getting rid of traunt!
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