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Last Activity:
Mar 19, 2013
Mar 6, 2011
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Your Bedroom
6th former

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Well-Known Member, from Your Bedroom

gatesy0093 was last seen:
Mar 19, 2013
    1. duzao
      im looking for movie celebi and duo from mcdonalds... i only have to offer to u, are events pokemon ... i dont have any shiny....and i can try to find a shaymin to you
    2. duzao
      hey man i talk with your friend vladimir, and he said you have events.... i have a 10 aniv celebi... and channel jirachi, movie japanese regigigas, and euver09 regigigas.... if u want one of those pm me
    3. Kalkeon
      Yeah i didnt know it was Japanese. Oh well maybe i can get something for it.
    4. Kalkeon
      I wonder if theres something wrong with it
    5. Kalkeon
      im in the room again
    6. Kalkeon
      Yeah i see you and i try to talk to you but nothing happens. Try deleting my fc and putting it back on. Ill do the same.
    7. Kalkeon
      Im in the room.
    8. Kalkeon
      Sure. Can you give me your fc? its probably on your sig. Mine is too.
    9. Kalkeon
      Ok choose one normal pokemon-

      ~Shiny Pokemon~
      Articuno- lv.50- Timid.
      Moltres- lv.50- Timid.
      Dragonair- lv.30 male- Rash.
      Beedrill- lv.10 male- Bashful.
      Piplup- named- lv.5 male- Quirky.
      Cyndaquil- lv.1 male- lax.
      Furret- lv.17 male- impish.
      Delcatty- lv.40 Female- Timid.
      Lickylicky- lv.21 Female- Timid.
      Snorlax- lv.6 Male- Quirky.
      Staraptor- lv.35 Female- Hasty.
      Growlithe- lv.5 male- Adamant
      Charizard- lv.42 male- Modest.
      Weaville x3- lv.42 x2 male 1x female- Jolly[m], Careful[f], Naughty[m].
      Frosslass- lv.42- Gentle.
      Glalie- lv.42 male- Careful.
      Abomasnow- lv.43 female- Jolly.
      Pichu- Event- lv.30 male- Jolly.
      Pikachu- lv.24 female- Brave.
      Magnemite- lv.29- Hardy.
      Gallade- lv.23- Quiet.
      Sableye- lv.33 female- Quiet.
      Raichu- lv.56 Male- Modest.
      Glaceon- lv.39 Male- Modest.
      Leafeon- lv.8 Male- Adamant.
      Vaporeon- lv.12 Male- Modest.
      Jolteon- lv.11 Male- Relaxed.
      Flareon- lv.1 Female- Lonely.
      Crown Event= Entei, Raikou, Suicune, and Celebis *not shiny*
    10. Kalkeon
      If its UT then sure ill add. If it isnt then its not really worth much. Still interested?
    11. Kalkeon
      Im willing to trade my moltres for it. What do you think?
    12. Kalkeon
      I only have two of them and you dont seem to have alot to offer. Your mew is shiny and legit?
    13. craig87
      yous welcome thanks aswel
    14. craig87
      ok see you then
    15. craig87
      yea can do it does this sometimes doesn't it.
    16. vladmir
      ah cheers for aiding a poor noob my dear chum, i have messaged all 3 and am awaiting reply so we can negotiate
    17. vladmir
      im a tryin, n im gona keep on tryin, yea same here soooooo ****in tired at the min, and indeed you should!! i will see you in physics though
    18. vladmir
      heyooo tryin to get a celebi and a raikou but attempts so far are unsuccessful, im still a noob at all thiss, but im gona try again 2morra, yourself chumlidily?
    19. warcraff
      Alright thats cool. You don't have any junk whismur lying around that you are willing to trade do you?
    20. warcraff
      Hi, saw on the trade forum you have a shiny exploud. I can trade a 2011 event celebi . If you still have it. thanks
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  • About

    Your Bedroom
    6th former
    Favourite Pokémon:
    loves his pokemon, but loves his girlfriend more :)

    Racing, Farming, TRACTORS!!! Music: Heavy metal all the way!


    White FC: 5028 4302 4601. UK Time (GMT+1)

    Looking for Shiny Legendaries that I don't have.
    Offering: Shiny Event Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Darkrai(Non Shiny).
    Shiny Legendary Cresselia, Giratina and Rayquaza (Hacked).

    Owner of a 3DS! FC: 4596-9462-2248
    PM me your Friend Codes fellow 3DS owners xD