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  • You're not going to tell on me are you? Lol I think tomorrow will probably be better since I won't be getting home till pretty late today. DX
    ahh, even so its attack is still lowish, hmm after having another look at them though. snorlax has far higher defence. go for that
    true but you would need to make sure there not ev'd, natured n ****, an basicly fek around with some modd guy to get it right
    yeaa.. well if you wana snorlax style pokemon to use i would recomend wailord, its attaccks higher i think? or its spec attack, lots of health, and add that berry that wakes it up straight away. ow and snore or somethinggg
    ahh, looking at its stats, it looks to be more benificial with more health, and a berry to reduce damage of supereffective attacks, its quite a resilient bugga, its defence can go up to over 200 at lv 50
    metagross. it will be my second meta that i have created, but this one will be ev's natured and generaly beef'd to fudge! im planing as having it as my front man, so if im getting buggared...... KABOOOOMMM and the fudgepackers gone!!! ow hows the shiny legendary hunt going!
    fuuuuddgeeee!, that is a pickle, o btw im working on my new project for the subway... i call it! the mohamed! is shall have 200 attack at lv 50 and explosion. mixed with either a berry to stop 1 hit ko's or something to boost explosion up to 300 attack, it shall work!!!!
    ahh indeed i see, weellll can you suggest a pokemon which would be suitable for trading for a celebi? or type of poke?
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