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Last Activity:
Oct 29, 2016
Feb 5, 2006
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Zephyr Trainer

Gazmof was last seen:
Oct 29, 2016
    1. CyberBlaziken
      Someone popped in here.
      Hello there.
    2. Kuvario
      I think I should be thanking you for making that story and the AdvanceShipping thread.
    3. Gazmof
      Thank you!
    4. Kuvario
      Ah really? I see, well still good to see somebody from the older days of AdvanceShipping. I read all of your fic, very good I'll say.
    5. Gazmof
      I am not really back; just had to keep a promise to a friend and finish a fic.
    6. Kuvario
      Hey, you're back fellow AdvanceShipper!
    7. Pokewiz
      T_______T I guess I should leave for good, too, huh? Time to move on. T_____T Bye Gazmof! You were a good sppf friend to have. :'D
    8. Pokewiz
      SPPF is dying/dead, huh? :/
    9. GloomyHaruka
      I know what you mean.xD I made most of my graphics either last year or a really long time ago. @ o @
    10. GloomyHaruka
      Oh my god, why thank you! ; u ;
      I like your icon! c:
    11. Pokewiz
      Ehh, still not feeling it. Sorry. :(
    12. Pokewiz
      I don't like the neutrality of your voice. Be mad, Gazmof! Maaaaaaaad!
    13. Pokewiz
      No I wasn't! You were! It was about... jasonenvy... and stuff... uh... yeah... I can't remember. But I do remember you being mad! You wanted me to kick major Uza butt, right?
    14. Pokewiz
      damn her and her wonky work schedule! Grrr! I'm at school until 2 (my time), and then she's at work until 10 (her time)! I bet she does this on purpose. Damn you, Uza! Daaaaaamn yooooou! I shall postpone this phone call until Sunday! Then she'll get an earful of... uh... whatever we were mad at her about!
    15. Pokewiz
      You betcha I will! >( *iscallingUza* Oh wait, it's like, 3:30 AM in MN, huh? XD;;; *iscallingUzatomorrow*
    16. Pokewiz
      I guess I don't think about it too much. But where was I? Oh yeah, desert... hate it.
      What? As a faithful jasonenvyshipper, I am very disappointed! You guys are supposed to be online dating by now! Way to not follow the shipper steps. :(
    17. Pokewiz
      Well, that's depressing. :( Remind me that I need to kick major Uza butt! >O

      Uh, I guess so? Everything south of the midwest is south to me lol. xP
    18. Pokewiz
      I know it's cold in MN, but it never snowed in July! Ah, snow... what was that like again? It's so boring in the dessert. Is that even how you spell it? I always forget which is which. Was it desert? And yeah, grill her for me! I can't believe she didn't mention it. She's supposed to mention me all the time in her convos. Does she at least do that?
    19. Pokewiz
      You didn't? Some cousin Uza is! I moved like... two years ago? I am now in the South! The complete opposite of the midwest. I feel like an outsider lol.
    20. Pokewiz
      Ahhh, Little Lisa. I remember that! Oh memories. Innocent, child, serebii memories. lol! I miss Valley Fair! Whenever I get back to MN, I'm totally making Uza take me there! Life, is crazy here too! SATS, College applications, and senior year of high school! People keep talking about how fun it's supposed to be. But all I've been is stressed!
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