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Last Activity:
Oct 29, 2016
Feb 5, 2006
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Zephyr Trainer

Gazmof was last seen:
Oct 29, 2016
    1. Encyclopika
      I know what you mean - all of my buddies left too. :( I only come to mod and check reviews as well. And it's not like the Contestshipping thread is really dead, just the conversation is. XD

      Sorry to hear that B/W isn't enough to get you back into things. Personally, I like the majority of the new Pokemon and I'm sure I'll be here for many more years to come. :P In that sense, you can be rest assured that you will still have a friend back here. XD
    2. Encyclopika
      I wanted to talk to someone who would respond - aka, someone who's still here. The majority of those on my friend list are either not close or are MIA. :P I'd like to start being a member again besides just a mod. 99% of my recent posts are modding ones. -.-;

      Anyway, good to hear someone is doing alright. It seems a lot of people are having difficulty getting into the swing of school and stuff again around where I live. XD
    3. Encyclopika
      Hey, how are you doin'? :)
    4. Lunar Lucario
      Lunar Lucario
      it's another way to say your cool
    5. Lunar Lucario
      Lunar Lucario
      your Legit dude
    6. darklord18
      I see I just got up and just been playing Platinum
    7. darklord18
      yeah I see.

      so how life
    8. darklord18
      I up to 46 with mira alone
    9. Hunter_RuLe
      Hi Gaz, actually I did indeed disappear. The anouncement of Black & White brought me back to the site and I decided that I should atleast say hi in the good old advanceshipping thread (which still sates me as co-owner in the OP ^^). It's great to see that you are active (again?) though =D
    10. darklord18
      that better than my record there

      how your one with the tag partners in multi battle at the tower?
    11. darklord18
      just surfing SPPF and playing platinum

      how life been
    12. darklord18
    13. Agustus
      Only at heart D:
    14. darklord18
      hi how are you today
    15. darklord18
      there okay not to good and not to bad

      so yeah um what you doing?
    16. darklord18
      hi how are you today?
    17. Divinity_123
      Can you please put me on the PM list for Kingdom of Palkia? I've been expecting the sequel for Watchers for a while ;)

      Expect a review soon.
    18. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Thank you Gazmof, I'm glad you found time to review :) I'll check it out right away.
    19. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      It's not so much that he abandoned them, it's that he's not on often enough and for enough time.
    20. Eon Master
      Eon Master
      Thanks :) It's more of a multishipping fic, but Advance is the biggest focus and Ikari takes a backseat. I'm fine with waiting, I've been waiting for lunarshadow for two solid months.
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