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  • Oh yeah, I forgot, tomorrow's Christmas! So even though I don't celebrate, Merry Christmas~!
    I'll be enjoying it by watching the Christmas Parade on TV, yay holidays!
    lol! Nope, no frozen lake required! In fact, I'm pretty sure you can do it anywhere that has snow and a big hill. I mean, just think sledding except all grown up!
    Nononono, I think you got it backwards. See, first you're supposed to say: Peek-a-boo! And then you go I see you!
    I understand that maybe you have an excuse since you don't have any younger siblings, but come on, every one knows it!
    P.S. Dude, if you ever come up to MN, I am so taking you snowtubing! If you've never gone, it's going to be so much fun! And even if you've already gone, it's still going to be so much fun!
    I'm quite sick, actually. Getting better, though, so that's good. -nods-

    It's true that I've grown out of the fandom, but it doesn't stop me from revisiting it regularly. I've just settled with not allowing myself to get way too attached with any one fandom to avoid net wars and nasty stuff like that. It also doesn't mean that I single-out anything, so equality's somewhat involved as well.

    Anyway, before I blab on for yonks, I should probably end it there. ^_^;;
    haha yeah, you go ahead and do that! And while you do that, you can help me understand this show since I watch every two episodes of it or something.

    Ne, ne, ne, ne, I got this from Harry Potter, but um, is it normal to say "Bloody hell!"? :D
    Omegawsh! I'm so, so dreadfully sorry, Gazz.

    The utmost and sincerest apologies for not replying to a comment that was due.... well, ages ago. Augh... God, I feel like the most horrible, deplorable - if not unpardonable- soul in the whole entire world, let alone pokefiction fandom. ,_,

    But anyway, it's nice to chat with an old friend again. Here's hoping you reply.

    a_f-chan. ;3
    lol, the couples? Ehh, Kelly seemed a bit too Mary-Sue to me :p

    Mmm-hmm, I have yet to watch every episode, but they all seem good so far! Do you remember why in their fourth year of high school, this other girl shows up and takes the place of Kelly and Jesse? :O
    Hey! Sorry to disturb you, but are you going to continue Good Love Charm any time soon, it's probably one of my favorite Shpping Fics! :D
    Yeah, I noticed that, sadly :p Lisa x Slater? Don't you mean... uhh... Jesse x Slater?

    Of course! It's horrible! The show only lasted two seasons but I couldn't watch passed the fifth episode :p
    I MEAN that... um... uh... idk

    but lol! I found it, I found it, I founnnnd it <3333! My beloved Animorphs show from the good 'ole late nineties! Sucks so bad it puts the books to shame. But I just like lmao-ing at it :D

    Did I ever tell you that you and Buster got me attached to Saved by The Bell? Lisa x Zack ftw :D
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