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  • Literature, and yeah, both a trey boring. But English as a subject can and is very boring. :p But of course, that's also my opnion
    I guess you could say that :O

    Aaaaah, less than an hour until my English Discussion! ... Ne, ne, you're from ENGLAND right? So you must know ENGLISH, right? Soooo, why don't you come up to MN for fifty minutes and do my presentation? :D
    *officially fails at responding punctually* XD;

    Yeah, still using it. It's the one I'd wanted from even before I joined, and it's still my favorite. ^^
    Thank you for listening, big Mister Gaz

    I'm Mof-chan on MSN again, lol!

    And you didn't answer my question.... WEN U GUNNA FINISH THE STRRY?
    wen r u gona finish ur story? I WANNA NO, WEN YOU GONNA FINISH?!

    Hmm, I don't think international media is the only media that cold have been biased. Pretty much every news coverage in America was leaning towards Barack just short of saying they were going to vote for him :p
    oh and hey, I just talked to Uza-chan when she got home from school and literally just loled when she told me what happened.
    I was just:
    Hello, I just finished reading The Wacher's of Raikou and I was really impressed ;D I was wondering if you're ever going to get around to posting the sequel on SPPf? ^^
    Happy November! :D Election day is in two days and I can't vote because I'm not old enough and you can't vote because you're not an American citizen. Boo!

    Aw, I think we had a few of them, but I wasn't there since I was trick-or-treating too. Ahh, the power of last minute planning :p

    Thanks, I wrote it a looooong time ago- back when I was so obsessed with poems and stuff. I was just remembering it when I typed it on your profile :D

    Through all of their arguments and sputtering of words, they hardly noticed the girl's tears;
    Racing down her rosemary cheeks until there was nothing left

    They wiped away her happiness and threw her into gloom.
    Where the girl lay for hours, staring up at the moon

    “What happened to us?" they asked themselves, retreating to the darkness.
    Ashamed to show their faces to the one they had pushed out.

    Memories came to them, slowly at first, then QUICKER!
    One at a time, they remembered how much like a family they used to be and how much love they held inside.

    They called for the girl, ran after her into the light. "We're sorry," they said, perspiration covering their faces.
    Dropping into the puddles of rain. The grey clouds rumbling ahead of them,
    As slowly the storm came

    The girl stared up at them and finally gave way.
    She held them close to her as the rain slipped down her face.

    “What were we arguing about?" They ask each other, their memories already fading.
    They turn to the girl beside them, in hope that she holds what they seek.

    Thunder races through the night as lightning paints the black sky.
    The girl knows the answer, for she has nothing to hide.

    For seconds, the sky is purple, the thunder crashes down;
    Their heart beats quicken as they feel a shake in the ground.

    She feels their anger dying down and grabs both of their hands in her own;
    Whispering into their ears. “Let’s just go home.â€

    The water droplets splash down onto the beaten earth.
    Showing it no mercy and quenching the river’s thirst.

    They feel the rain upon them, but do not feel its wrath.
    Instead they feel sorrow for the girl and their actions in the past.

    “We’re sorry,†they say again, looking towards the girl beside them.
    She stares before saying, “you argued about nothing.â€

    Nothing, the word echoed in their minds and then lost themselves in the rain.
    Nothing was why they argued, again and again.

    Was that their true reason? Was that their true intention?
    Did they yell at each other for the reason of nothing?

    The clouds were clearing up as they neared their house and the birds were singing their songs.
    They were doubtful for the girl’s answer,
    But when was she ever wrong?

    The rain came to a stop as their doors opened wide;
    Showing their small house from the inside.
    “We will never argue,†they promised her, entering their home.
    A promise no one could keep.

    But the girl’s smile returned and a laugh erupted from her throat.
    “What’s so funny?†They asked her.
    Instead she shook her head, “it’s just good to be home.â€

    In return, they showed their puzzled faces which caused her to laugh some more.
    “Don’t you get it?†She asks, “That was your whole beginning. Promises was what started your war!â€

    This is when you start to notice that I have too much time on my hands, lol!
    You either don't pay attention when I'm talking or forget things very easily lol. I told you we got our DSL back ages ago! I know Quest is @___@ But I guess it's something I have to live with, they give us our phone service too!

    lol! No! But, funny how today it is snowing! FIRST SNOWFALL OF THE YEAR! <3333 And lol, Colorado has waaaay more snow than Minnesota.
    lol! It wasn't my fault! I told you my internet went wacky! Because it was just like... wth, why won't Gaz reply? D: And then I found out that the internet was giving me weak signals. I think it's time to complain to quest for giving us crappy DSL >(

    :D <3
    SNOW <3333 I always get so excited and happy and just majory giddy when the first snow begins to fall ^____^

    I do! I do! Crappy crappy 'ole used 1993 grey-ish brown leather inside car! lol! You sound very sarcastic now! Fine, you know what, I just won't share my personal life with you :p

    lol! Yards are so random, I wouldn't consider it private.
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