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  • Mine is from 1993 and it has a hideous brown leather inside @___@ But it's *my* first car so I guess that's all that matters in the end. Did I tell you I got it at like the beginning of October :D Well, it was always there, but it wasn't mine until october

    I will! I will! I'll take a really nice digital camera picture! True, but sometimes the cold is nice. I love being all cozy in a sweater or two!
    Sir, yes sir!

    Hondas from this century rock. Hondas from last, no.. just, no... @___@

    ahhh and aww. The cold can be okay though. I should take a picture of my backyard for you! IT'S SO PRETTY <333 All the leaves fell from the very biig tree we have and you can't see any grass. It's so Autumn-y! I love the fall <333
    I warned ye :p

    Umm, English was being boring as it always is... so I just had to check up on me E-friends!

    oh, lol, you tease now, but if/when you come up to MN, you'll see it's beauty! :]

    DMV told you to drive to the mountains? How come? But lucky you! I wish it was warm here

    at the time you wrote... I was on the ride home. Yay for driving my crappy honda! yay!
    Honestly, I am not sure. I have tons of other stuff to deal with but I did start it some time ago. I suppose maybe around Thanksgiving or if not, then close to Christmas (where I finally have a break). It depends how much college work I get from my classes during these next two months along with being the maintainer of three growing communities on LiveJournal. ^^;
    Hey you sent this while I was in English Class!

    Thanks lol. And yepp, relaxing is awesome. Yay for relaxation! The only downside of it is when it ends, lol! but I'm happy you're having a good time :D

    Yes, I do believe it was! We spent most of Sunday just lazing at the lake, it was awesome! Sadly not, I think her ears are attached to that thing. No snow lol :p We don't get snow until late November/early December. Depends if we're lucky or not! Hmm, details? Well, okay, you asked for it...

    Wednesday: We got to Duluth, but since it was already night, we went out to eat and got our hotel rooms~

    Thursday: Spent the day touring the city doing all of the touristy stuff! Like visiting museums and whatnot

    Friday: Hung out at the lake for just a bit since it was too windy there! Went out to the zoo instead and hung out at this family fun place where it had laser tag and stuff~!

    Saturday: We went on a ferry ride of the lake and just generally hung out there. And then later we rented a bunch of old disney classics like Lion King and Cinderella and ended up watching them until one AM!

    Sunday: Spent all day at the lake where we had to say our tearful goodbye to the awesome city and rode back home D:

    Well, there it is! All the details I could think of. Don't say I didn't warn you!
    Lucky you :p I'm in class today D: But I had an awesome weekend, so that's okay :D

    Well, I told you where I went and stuff, so... how was your weekend? :O Or, how is your weekend, I should say. Since it isn't over yet :p
    If you have that four day weekend thing, hope you have a great weekend, if not, then, hope you have a great weekend when you have your weekend! I'm going to be off the internet for the next few days! Yay mini-vacations :D
    No don't spoil anything xDD
    Actually, I wanted to say that if you noticed, I'm pretty much absent these days, so because of university, I'm not reading that much :p
    I'll get back to it sometime soon tho ^^
    Just you wait, you'll be topped again!

    Yes, simply delicious as well! Mmm, I loved whatever it was I had today (my friend went and got me some this morning! It's like right there in the basement of some building on the campus) I've never had their hot chocolate! I'll try it next week, going once a week for coffee is enough for me! And it'll keep my wallet healthy too!

    And hey, are you questioning my checks? I make my money fair thank you! Not square though, frankly, I don't understand what square has to do with fair other than the fact that they rhyme :O
    lol, neither do I. She just questioned my sexuality! Little innocent Uza is definitely just an act!

    It sounds like another book in the series or something. Like rumors being leaked about a new book hahaha. No idea what it would be, just wanted to see if there was a possibility of getting one. But hey, why don't you get back to me after you get through with all that you're doing now.
    Nah-ah! I bet I did!

    Got my check cashed FINALLY, so I'm pretty full. I went to Starbucks today! YUM

    Well I told you, hope it sounded like an okay idea ^^;;

    lol, I do! That's the only reason I'm writing it! That and I have a pretty good idea of what I want now... I hope the one-shot I'm writing with Sp1derp1g finishes before Thanksgiving or it'll like, get in the way or whatever.

    Well, that diet was kind of broken. Haven't you heard? Diets don't work! Weight Watchers do

    Alcambascore... ohhh, lol. A story, small and uneventful I'm sure, for another time

    You seemed to have been topped!
    Yeah lol, I really liked it! Even though I have to read the story since Uza-chan's my cousin (it's somewhere under the big book of public relations, yeah, turn to the family chapter and right there it says family members-whether related by blood or marriage or other - have to read the fanfictions of their awesome cousins :p) I still think the banner just attracted my gaze and made me want to read IP2 more! And yeah, totally! An awesome story deserves an awesome banner!

    lol, there's an IP3? Since when? IP2 isn't even done! But hey, your banners are so cool and professional like, do I have the privilege of asking you to make me one as soon as you finish your current?
    hahaha, oh really? XD I think this anti-stalker thing Uza's got in her signature just gained her some more stalkers.

    Thanks and I thought you made the banner perfectly with the story even though, from what I can guess, you've never read the actual story. So great job with that! Plus, the banner was just too good to not put in the trailer :D
    And that's not fifty :p

    Oh yeah, I was thinking, Thanksgiving is in over a month, right, right, right? I'd love to come up with an advanceshippy Thanksgiving one-shot! Thanksgiving is such an awesome, fall holiday ~<3! Plus, I love having the break for it! :D

    Oh yeah, I have an idea about the judge dilemma we seem to be having, but I'll tell you if I happen to catch you on MSN
    Yes I did! About a hundred times lol! I work as a tutor at school :p But I never cashed my check and here I am on a Monday with the school day just beginning and me already hungry ;____; I knew I should have woken up to eat breakfast, but noooo, I skip it to get more sleep!

    lol! heyyy, I'm not the bad guy here!

    Well, I'm not avoiding, I just haven't had the chance to get any for a while D: Mmmm, M&M.... wait, is that filling? Because if it is, I think I'd like to request some M&Ms now, I'll pay you back later D:

    Nothing at the moment, Gaz. I'll call you when the real stalkers come in >O These ones are just posers! lol!
    Oh,I thought I wrote on your profile but I guess it didn't come through, huh? Darnnn

    Well, maybe after the Halloween one-shot, you can attempt on going on the diet. Anyway, I just broke my diet since I'm co-writing that one-shot with Sp1drtp1g! So I guess it's not all that easy. You update fast! But I'm happy I finally got to leave a review after so long @___@

    D: I haven't had oreos in forever D: But I just got my paycheck today, so maybe I'll go buy some xP
    hah hah, I can't remember much of it either, except during the first part, I was just really bored.


    hmmm, Halloween. Yes, I look forward to buying that discounted candy... yummmm, candy. One-shot, I don't think I'll write one, I'm on a strict only IP2 diet, I need to finish it dammit! AS Day, around the end of November I think. Just look back at the thread and its there... somewhere. Maybe you should post to remind them :O
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