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  • Yes, you did! lol, and thank you very much! :D It is a shame but like I said before, tha's my dad :p I'll get to the flaunting as soon as I post in the AS thread! Get ready for random quotings and hintings at nothing :DDDD lol, I shall! Assoonasyouwritepartgourofourlittlestorythingkthx You have a way of making me do things I don't want to do :p Like writing on your wall first!
    Oh yeah, I just noticed your signature, Uza-chan or I mean, Gazmof's BFF is now content xD
    Fine, you win, I'll write on your wall first :p I had such an awesome day yesterday! I have to tell you about it and just generally chat with you again, because I sooo miss it ;___;!
    omg! I forgot! TODAY'S THE DAY YOU LEAVE/ARE IN CO!!!
    Aaah, I wanted to say goodbye to you too since you won't have internet for a while, damn, no wonder you're not online! Kay, well, whenever you get this, hope you have a great first day of school and text me whenever you can!
    nah, it's okay. I think I might be really busy this week too. What with school coming and all that. I even have to go back to school and get one more book for Bio because it didn't come in yesterday! darn it

    I gave some of my friends a tour since they were new to the whole college concept and stuff, but darn, I should have just postponed it to another day. I'm so sore today D:
    I wasn't ignoring >_>
    come back online after you eat! I need to talk to someone while I lay here in my puddle of exhaustion. NEVER give someone a tour of your campus while carrying two bags full of heavy school books that dumb professors intentionally make big so their students can suffer. ;___________;
    Hi there Gazmof, I was just randomly going through profiles when I landed on your's. Just wanted to stop by and say hi :D
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