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  • Seiyo thinks you should get on MSN or she'll kidnap Nico from your fic. XDDD It suddenly occurred to me that I know your age but not your birthday... When's your birthday, man?! 8D 'Except Me' update coming up soon... All I need to write is about two-three scenes...
    Mel thinks that you should get on MSN more often. Totally new developments on the gossip front and I have Seiyo icon, Seiyo icon! You can't have it! XDDD

    Bookworm is a good idea... :eek: By the way, the OC's name is gonna be Mayumi. XD
    Oh yes, guess what? I've created an OC specifically for Except Me! I decided to have a go at the OC thing in shipping fics and while the most that a Shipping fic OC can do in most settings is rival characters, get together with others or help others get together... I'm generally hoping that this one will bring a good twist...

    XD Plus I realised that all my girl characters are happy, loud people so I want a quieter type... And I gave away a slight portion of the OC's personality... But hey, it's no fun if all the girls are loud people! XD
    lol, you're not supposed to react like that! What happened to the sweet 'ole Gaz who left MSN because Uza was out on vacation? ;___; What happened to the sweet 'ole Gaz who missed me? ;_____; Where did he go? I want him back ;_____;
    Cool, I knew you would see the light = )

    Nice site by the way. Only this:
    "Where are all the goddamn newbies coming from?"

    Lawl, only uza& me, your friends over there aren't used to seeing much people are they? xD
    Yes, I did notice your review and WAAAAAAAH I couldn't find icons! I just found pictures that I know Advanceshippers would have all seen before!

    By the way, started on the next Except Me chapter! I get to write Ash and May's date! XD Woohoo!

    Sometime, I have to reply again to the AS thread. Yeah, I'll do that sometime... Next time you're on MSN, I totally have to show you something! (convo I saved and Uza-chan will know what I'm talking about if she sees this message)
    I was being welcoming! Very!
    hahahahahah NOT
    You're so mean to me Gaz, you mean person from England T___T Now I'm going to stereotype and just think that all people from England are mean people
    Lol, never mind man ^^ I was just reacting on your quote in the advanceshipping thread as it would get a bit too offtopic to react on it there.

    ++ noticed your site and mad a bad pun since trees grow in parks :]
    Totally. Well on weekends for me, I can talk when it's later at night for you and when it's morning for you and late at night for me. Make sense?

    Thank you for your comments about my fic idea. XDDD I'll find that Seiyo icon for ya (you might have seen it before, I don't know...) when you're next online and I'm online too! OMG I SHOULD LOOK FOR ADVANCESHIPPING ICONS. YES. I'LL DO THAT. XDDD

    Everyone talks on MSN at midnight. Totally. Except me. OMG FIC TITLE!
    It's Roxas, thank you very much, the coolest game character. Ever.
    lol, I guess not :p
    Seems like I'm not welcome by the other people of the park!
    You ditching MSN for life now? :p
    Aww! Uza and Hunter, sittin' in a tree... ^_~
    Eating D-O-N-U-T's xD

    A tree in Jabba's Park by the way?
    What personal icon?
    fine, you have the excuse of the forums being down :p
    hah hah, I know. And yeah, I was. I was bored so I thought might as well sign up since I said I would a long time ago, lol. Apparently newbies are rare and scary, right? xP and since there seems to be a lot of history between the members and all, I might not even come back that much :O
    You were online around the time that Uza-chan and I were up and about. Get on MSN or you'll never have Seiyo! Speaking of Seiyo, I found a Seiyo icon on someone's photobucket. I won't show you Seiyo icon if you don't get on MSN!

    Haha and basically, what Uza-chan said! XDDDD
    It's really late here, but I thought of this now so I just had to post it!

    “Unsane?†Gazmof repeated before a look of anger crossed his face. “Not that stuff again! You guys, just drop the act, there‘s no such thing as unsane, the word doesn’t even exist!â€

    “What? What do you mean the word doesn‘t exist?†Hunter asked, turning to Uza-chan.
    “Uza, what happened to him? He‘s acting like he doesn‘t even remember anything.â€

    “Hey, stop ignoring me!â€

    Uza-chan simply sighed in response. “I don‘t know.â€

    “Hm, this can be a problem.†Hunter frowned. “What are you two doing here anyway? I thought you left like you were supposed to.â€

    “We did,†Uza-chan replied, her eyes falling hesitantly on Gazmof’s silent figure. “But then we… ran in to some trouble.â€

    “What trouble?â€

    “I-I don‘t know,†Uza-chan closed her eyes, remembering what had happened.

    “Uza,†Hunter’s voice dropped to a whisper. “What happened? Tell me. Now.â€

    Uza-chan opened her eyes then and began to recall the events as she remembered them
    “Gazmof, they sort of took him in,†She said, now watching as Gazmof walked away from them and towards the entrance of the room. “And, I don‘t know, when I found him again he was in England and he didn‘t know about any of this.â€

    Hunter cursed under his breath before dropping his gun to the floor. “I can‘t believe they took another one.†He said angrily. “First Buster and now Gaz. Dammit, they‘re really making it hard now.â€

    “I know but this is what they want, Hunter. They want us to feel like this and we can’t let them win.â€

    “But Uza-chan,†Hunter argued. “Gaz was the only one who knew the whereabouts of the thing. And if they‘ve taken away his memory, how are we ever supposed to find it? You know we don‘t stand a chance without it.â€

    “I know,“ Uza sighed. “But don‘t worry, everyone‘s looking for it right now.â€

    “They won‘t find it,†Hunter said in resignation. “Buster was our second chance and now even he‘s gone.â€

    “Calm down,†Uza-chan said softly, comforting her friend. “We have Gaz now and I know we‘ll find Buster soon. And before you know it, they‘ll both have their memories back.â€

    “I don‘t know Uza,†Hunter said, shaking his head. “That‘s leaving too much on chance.â€
    “I know, but-â€

    “Hey, you guys! Hey!â€

    Both Uza-chan and Hunter turned to face where the voice was coming from.

    “What is it, Gazmof?†Uza-chan asked.

    “Well, I was wondering, since you guys were talking about all of that unsane stuff, well, maybe this guy here is part of that?â€

    “An unsane?†Hunter repeated, reaching for his gun. “Here?â€

    “We don‘t know that for sure!†Uza said quickly, making Hunter allow his gun back on to the floor.

    “Well, who ever he is, he‘s waking up!â€

    Hunter and Uza ran to join Gazmof in front of the entrance.

    “No…†Hunter’s eyes widened. “It couldn‘t be.â€

    “But it is!†Uza smiled warmly. “It‘s Buster!â€

    “Uh, huh?†the young man on the floor groaned. “WTF, where am I?†he asked as he sat up.

    “Buster?†Gazmof said before laughing. “Isn‘t that the stupid white bunny from Arthur?â€

    "Oh, don't say that!" Uza-chan cried, but it was too late.

    "Are you calling me stupid?" Buster asked, angrilly.

    "Oh God," Hunter sighed. "Even when they lose their memories, they're still like this!"

    "Well," Uza-chan smiled. "At least we know they're back!"


    lawl, it's becoming more story-like! Sorry for not having much you, but Hunter was the character of the chapter... I mean scene. Maybe you can add more you next time
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