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  • Get online more Gaz or I shall reveal your real name to everyone on sppf!
    Yeah, what a threat, huh? :p
    and yep, Mel and I are going to kill your wall until you do come on! >D
    Uza-chan and I have worked out that when it's 6pm for Uza-chan, you are able to get on the computer for MSN but we figure you are too lazy to. So when it's 6pm for her on weekends for me, me and her are online and you could potentially too. You know what this means? UzaGazMel chat!

    So when it's 6pm for Uza, you should be online! XD Or Mel will never write again!

    I did update Except Me, by the way. Get my PM?
    OMG I just had another idea for an Advanceshipping fic. I miss you on MSN even thoguh I know our time zones really differ! XDDD
    And sorry for not coming online this morning! I have no other excuse except that I overslept :p
    SEE, this is what I mean about jinxes! Next time, I'm not saying anything about the time I come on because something will happen and I won't come on, watch!
    lawl, you just choose bad times to come online, you used to always come on at noon (my time) but today you weren't! Did you get, like, bored and get offline?
    It was! It was! Omg, even though the place itself (aurora, did Pokewiz tell you? xD) wasn't very good, CO in general was very fun! Preppy, but fun! I even went to that theme park... umm, starts with an E
    hah hah, that would be so cool, but you and I BOTH know we're too lazy for that =P
    hah hah, thanks for remembering. ^^ I might go out to the movies later, but I'll stay online for sometime, in other words, YOU COME BACK ONLINE >)
    lol, sorry about that D: I was going to log in to say goodbye to you guys but I guess in the end, I couldn't find time to.
    Anyway, dude, your part of the story totally blew mine out of the water! I'VE BEEN UPSTAGED! xDDD
    If it wasn't for the fact that I just got home, I'd write a killer piece to, but yeah, you make me want to turn this in to a fanfic, lol
    Gazzy likes pairing himself with anime characters! XD In that case, I shall doodle a Seiyo picture for you. It suddenly occurred to me that one of my OCs has similar hair to Akane... Or Whitney, whichever name you go by.

    Good point though, the OC thing. I suppose there are some roles that only OCs can pull off. Makes me wonder if any OCs will be in mine. But then again, in fics like yours, OCs go in great and end up well-liked while in high school fics, there isn't much for an OC to do and still remain interesting.

    OMG I just had an idea for an OC. Won't give any hints, but this person is set on bringing a certain character down... XD Like this OC hates a certain character big time and stuff... Haven't quite fully worked it out but I've thoguht of some dieas to foreshadow this character prior to their introduction...

    Haha, my first ever fanfiction was about some characters doing random crap. I was 11 at the time. Aka the fic was random humour and stuff. Was I born to write crack or something? XD

    PS - villains are awesome. And I'm glad you find Nico fun to write. ^_^
    hah hah, well, okay. I'll be sure to tell her that :O XD
    But they always want to evolve when they get to that certain level not allowing them to evolve by pressing the B button is like forcing him not to evolve :O
    Haha, Whitney's now suddenly into students! XD Cuz she's a teacher remember? But then again, super cool transfer student named Gazmof x a super cool teacher named Whitney is pretty scandalous. But doesn't scandalous make it more exciting? XD

    Haha, sure. You can have more Whitney... *suddenly ponders Riley x Whitney* You know what? That would make a hot shipping. XD Actually, there's plenty of good shippings that Whitney can fit right into!

    Roxanne could appear sometime too, but probably later on. Actually, she could fit as an instructor for something I've got planned in future... Dun dun dun!

    I don't think you had any typos, by the way... Not that I remember anyway...
    You sound like you're surprised, I thought that the two of you were friends XD
    No, give Bulbasaur creative freedom, he must be able to evolve! After all, wouldn't you love a Venesaur? (however you spell it)
    wait, Lv 100? XD
    Lol I saw your review. Yes, I said your reviews are long, but I never said that was a bad thing. It's a good thing. I love your spazzy reviews. XD Thank you so much! By the way, if you're on the computer, get on MSN! XD I'm on right now.
    A wild Pokewiz has appeared! What will you do?
    You: "Go Bulbasaur!"
    Pokewiz used random attack!
    Bulbasaur used razor leaf!
    Throw pokeball?
    "Go pokeball!"
    ding.... ding... ding... oh no, wild Pokewiz has escaped!
    Bulbasaur has reached level 16! oh? What's happening?
    *cue game music*
    Congratulations! Your Bulbasaur has evolved to an Ivysaur!
    Nickname him?
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n
    o p q r s t u v w x y z !
    ? - _ SPACE ENTER

    I love to be random 8D Plus Uza told me to kill your profile for her XD Isn't that sweet? She thinks of you! XDDD
    Well I'm home again today, which means two things! A) Lots more writing of the next chapter for my fic and B) I can also watch anime for most of the day too! Woohoo!

    Oh and you're halfway through chapter 10 of Good Luck Charm? *throws celebration* Yaaaaay! I always get all excited when I've found out that you've updated! I find good shipping fics set in Pokemon Universe hard to find because half the time, the characters are all that's focused on and it seems like the author's forgotten the Pokemon and I like that we get to see the Pokemon do stuff instead of like, you only know they're there because they just said something to remind readers that they're there. Honestly, sometimes I go through chapters of my fics and plonk in moments with Pokemon because I've forgotten them too! Your Pokemon battles are good to read as well.

    Plus one of the hardest things in writing is OCs and I find that the OCs you've incorporated into the fic are actually interesting and I want to read about them and stuff, whereas most OCs just seem to be there because they're either A) author self-inserts or B) there to help shipping become canon in fic which generally bugs me.

    Wow, I feel like I'm reviewing all over again. XD But man, I really can't wait for your next chapter! Heheheh.. '^^

    And my chapter's nearly done, methinks. Going to be one helluva chapter too, with all this stuff happening... So it ain't going to be 10+ pages put to waste. XD
    LOL, unlucky her I suppose XD;;
    Well, her friend's friends live there so... but still, very funny. She never told me that it was a dangerous place or anything, oh, I'm going to have fun with this when she comes back :'D
    4 more days...!
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