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    Blue-kun put the Grand Whine in there on purpose to see if anyone would pick it up. So you got it! *gives cookie* xDDDDD
    Wahaaaaaa!! to you too. XD I've been writing and just camme home sick because when travelling back from India, I caught a virus and then it was bad at school and so I got permission to leave. So I decided to go on the forums and continue writing the latest chapter to 'Except Me'!

    How are you? How's your writing going? Go on MSN more! Our time zones really clash cuz it seems that in New Zealand, you'll be on when it's close to the time of me being kicked off. I wish I had later bed times... Being 14 has disadvantages like that. >_>
    I am :D
    Oh yeah, Uza-chan told me to ask you, have you ever been in Aurora, CO? Because that's where she is. At least, I think it was that
    Came back from outing, didn't do much. Ah well, tomorrow's my last day in India. Haha, Haruka would definitely be better in the anime than Takeshi, that's for sure. I kinda had this hope that she would stay, Takeshi would leave and Hikari would be the new addition and Hikari did something different to contests.

    I always thought something like Pokemon Racing would be cool. Like racing, only you can attack and use Pokemon moves to help. Hell, a relay would be cool for the big competition. Yeah, Hikari would be cool as a Pokemon Racer and I betcha Satoshi would be interested too, seeing he tends to like speedy Pokemon in general.

    Shinji is awesome. He's my 2nd fave character in the show. My faves always went like this: Hikari, Shinji, Haruka, Satoshi/Shigeru (changes depending on my mood) then the rest generally rotate around.

    Haha, it doesn't matter if it's a plot device because it still worked in converting me to Belleshipping! Yeah, I got into Penguinshipping more when writing it, because I admit, I really like my version of Kengo. Oh and your fic inspired me to have some Belleshipping in my fic even if it isn't much.

    Yeah, I've always wanted Hikari and her rivals to meet Haruka and her rivals. I can totally imagine Hikari going all fangirly over Shuu, Harley and especially Saori (Saori being a GF winner and all) and I always thought that Haruka would get on really well with Kengo and Nozomi.

    My messages are long.

    QUICK EDIT: Added you on MSN, btw.
    Here's your medal. It's Mel-approved. *hands medal over* It's gold. You can like, eat it if you want. I swear all I can think of right now is food. I sound like Haruka.

    And thanks, I saw your review, it brought this huge smile to my face. Moe, by the way is Macey from the Johto series and she had a major crush on Satoshi.

    I never watched much of the Battle Frontier series and yeah, they always seem to make the girls boring in their last season, don't they? But at least they're always awesome in their first. Aw I hope Hikari remains cool as ever towards the end of her runin the show. Hikari's my fave character in Pokemon (as one would guess after seeing my signature and knowing that the I'm the Hikari/Dawn club's co-owner...)

    It's a shame that Haruka's personality wasn't as cool in Battle Frontier, I loved her in Hoenn and she was great again when she appeared in Sinnoh and met Hikari and all. Yeah, the episodes when Haruka returns are good.

    The DP series is good but you have to watch the right episodes. My favourites include the contests, gyms, episodes with Shinji in them, the Tag Battle arc, the Mikuri Cup arc, the milk maid cafe episode and... I can't think of anymore. Oh, the maze episode was pretty good.

    Eh, I have to go on an outing now so I'll round off my message. And yes, fanfiction is the best. I'm glad I got into fanfiction.
    OMG fanclub? YES! By the way, feel free to call me Mel, it's far easier to say in my opinion.

    And not get work done to read my fanfic instead? I'll do the work for you! I'll be the maid. Speaking of which, I've always wanted to dress up in a maid outfit for no particular reason except for the sole reason that Satoshi wore one and I was like, "YES."

    Oh yeah, it's hard to update when in India sight-seeing and when I'm back at my dad's house, one of my good friends came over to India with me so I'm spending time with her too.

    Oh man, I'm not going to abandon 'Except Me'! It's like my fave fanfic to write, probably because I'm too stuck at school and I'm 14 too, so I'm like same age as them so I guess that gives me a good perspective on teenagers these days...

    Hikari is my fave Pokemon character to ship. I like all Hikari shippings, so I had no choice but to write Multishipping as I spent like forever debating who she should end up with and in the end, I decided, 'Multi Hikari shipping it is!' and I'll just see as to who Hikari chooses in the end.

    Though I'm stuck between Contest and Advance, because I like both but at the moment, I'm like an Advance spaz so yeah, that'll end up being a strong ship war inside the fic I think.

    I had this theory that when AG began, Haruka did like Satoshi but when Shuu came along she started drifting more back and forth between the two. The difference is that Haruka does get more picked on about Shuu than Satoshi, so we can't tell much about how she feels about Satoshi and vice versa.

    I suddenly want to write a fic from Haruka's perspective about how she feels about Shuu and Satoshi and what she really thinks and stuff but actually, that can be something for later 'Except Me' chapters...

    Haha, I do hope you update soon because seeing your updates makes me extremely happy. Like I ditch everything else and read your chapters over and over. Yup, if you saw my lame review for your fic, you're my Shipping Convertor. Well, you got me to like Advance and Belle, that's for sure!
    OMG so sorry and I saw your review, thank you! And I loved your lengthy review. Marry me. XD

    Yes, I was actually going to throw in some AS in the chapter I'm writing and make some references to Strange Studying with how Satoshi and Haruka are study buddies.

    And I'm on holiday in India at the moment and I've been away for the past few days with no computer access but I'm back at my dad's house in Delhi (my parents live a world apart, dad and stepmum in India and I live with mum back in New Zealand). So yeah, I'm planning to get more work done on my fic and good luck with updating the next chapter to yours!

    I meant to write a more interesting review for your fic, really.
    Random indeed, hah hah.
    Well, the countdowns at two more days and then I'm leaving for vacation :D Try to hold the AS thread down while Hunter and I are vacationing ;)
    hah hah, you know what? I was just going through my old stuff right now and I found this little brown teddy bear in a cup that had the English flag on it, at least, I think it's the English flag, that my friend brought back for me on her trip to England. And looking at the bear and the cup, I remembered you! =D
    Defensive pokemon like Cresselia, Dusknoir, Spiritomb pretty much wall Gallade for you and the sleeptalk versions don't care too much about his status moves.
    hah hah, I was bored =P
    Yupp, skipped out on the convention yesterday, I don't know if I can complain my way to the one today though. ^^;
    Hallo Spinner! xD The smoothies are treating me just fine. I realize I haven't been on the forums for a few days... record! 8DDD Hope you hada fun July 4th if you're here in the USA! :3
    ::curtains open as a young Gazmof is shown, sitting in front of his home in England::
    Gazmof::sighs:: Ho hum, I'm bored
    ::enters Uza-chan::
    Uza-chan: Why, hello there Gavin/Gazmof/Spinner! It is nice to see another sane member around here. There aren't many of us left.
    Gazmof::looks up:: Sane member?
    Uza-chan: Why yes, what did you think? You would be like the rest of them and not be sane.
    Gazmof::fake shock:: Wait, are you implying that the rest of the sppf members aren't sane? That they're insane
    Uza-chan: Oh no, Gavin/Gazmof/Spinner, just because they're not sane doesn't necessarily mean they're insane.
    Gazmof: Well, if they're not insane and they're not sane, what could they possibly be?
    Uza-chan: Unsane!
    Gazmof::pauses:: Wait, did you just say unsane?
    Uza-chan: Yes, I did.
    Gazmof: That isn't a word.
    Uza-chan: Maybe not in their language Gavin/Gazmof/Spinner, but it is in the language of the sane.
    Gazmof: The language of the sane? And what is that?
    Uza-chan: The language the Sane speak.
    Gazmof::Gets ready to leave back in to his house::...
    Uza-chan: Wait! Don't you want to at least learn of your kind before going away!
    Gazmof::pauses:: I'm listening.
    Uza-chan: Like I was saying before; Unsane is not in the language of the unsane, in fact they have no word for 'unsane'.
    Gazmof: That's because unsane isn't a word.
    Uza-chan: Oh, but it is! In the language of the sane of course.
    Gazmof: Well, if 'unsane' is a word, than what does it mean?
    Uza-chan::snaps her fingers and a large book appears and she begins to flip through the pages:: Unsane... unsane... unsane... oh! Here it is! Unsane: those who are neither sane nor insane.
    Uza-chan: See? That is the meaning of the unsane. They are neither sane nor insane, but simply UNSANE!
    Gazmof::stands up:: I gotta go.
    Uza-chan: No wait! Let me at least tell you the history of the sane!
    Gazmof: Stop telling me nonsense! I don't want to hear it! Just tell it to someone else, I'm leaving.
    Uza-chan: But I can't tell it to anyone else!
    Gazmof: Why?
    Uza-chan: Because they're not sane.
    Gazmof: With all this sane talk, you make it seem like we're the only sane ones!
    Uza-chan: We're not the only sane ones.
    Gazmof: Oh yeah? Then name others!
    Uza-chan: Well, there's Hunter_RuLe and buster_wolf, just to name a few, but there are many others.
    Gazmof: Hunter and Buster are sane too.
    Uza-chan: Yes, and many others! Gazmof/Gavin/Spinner, you too, are sane. And if you simply click your heels together three times and say "There's no place like home" You can join us!
    Gazmof: hey, isn't that from The Wizard of Oz?
    Uza-chan: No, the Wizard of Oz stole it from us.
    Gazmof:: shrugs shoulders and begins to do as Uza-chan instructed:: There's no place like home.
    ::suddenly smoke appears and Gazmof and Uza-chan appear in the quiet streets of Colorado, USA::
    Gazmof: What the-? What am I doing here?
    Uza-chan: There! Now we're in the same timezone! No more Gazmof getting off at 7 PM MN time.
    Gazmof: Wha-? What happened to all that talk of sane and unsane and stuff?
    Uza-chan::suddenly becomes serious:: Oh, that's very true Gazmof/Gavin/Spinner, but no one but the sane people are supposed to know. Never leak it out to the insane, or worse, the unsane.
    Gazmof: Well, who's unsane?
    Uza-chan: I'll tell you that in due time, all in due time.
    Gazmof: Huh?
    Uza-chan::laughs maniacally as smoke once again appears:: All in due time...
    Gazmof::blinks as smoke disappears taking Uza-chan with it:: Weird...
    ::Light dims and curtain closes signaling the end of a scene::

    End of Scene One

    Sorry for the terrible OOC-ness on your behalf =P And Gazmof stalkers, I wasn't serious about the unsane talk! It was just a joke! We're all sane here on the forums, right?
    I really need to get back to writing. =P
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