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  • Hiiiiii! I feel like I forgot about SPPF for.... how long? And then I decided that if there was anyone who should be graced with my first hello in what? Years? It should be you, Gazmof! So hiiiii! How's life?
    Hi! I want to share an AS fanfiction story with you and get your feedback through PM. May I?
    It was kind of fun but just the same I got bored too. I liked the Water starter though. The Fire Starter sucked and The grass starter I hated it. I liked battling Palmer though.
    Yeah Skyla is hot isn't she? :3 I love her personality.In Black and White there weren't a BT or anything. Just challenge the league again but for real. Yeah I can't understand is the Ice Cream Pokemon. Made Me want to get Ice Cream.Lol But I love Playing Platinum.
    I didn't like about gen 5 was the way the Pokemon were. I liked the gym leaders and the trainers designs though. Gen 5 make me hate the fire Starter.
    Did you report this person called Vodor to a mod? I hope he doesn't post again on AS thread. Reading his english got me headache...
    Thanks ^_^
    I would look forward for your "GLC" fiction, even review the chapters sometimes. I'm myself working on a AS fiction. But, I doubt if that would come into existence anytime soon. It's because of the fact that English is my 3rd language. It's not on level good enough to write a FF. I have asked POH from Advanceshipping nation for help. She is very nice and she has agreed to help me with her beta reading skills.
    You write AS fictions, don't you?
    Could you provide me links? Are you on fanfiction? If yes! then what username do you use there?
    Hey there,

    I'm holding a oneshot contest for the upcoming Advanceshipping Day. If you have any objections to that please contact me.

    LOL perhaps. Though I felt like the shipping was better in the past. 0o Well, as far as Pokemon goes. If you're talking about the fanbase, hell yes.
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