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  • No problem! And now I'm going to give you another one, happy belated New Year! And yeah, you did lol. Are you leaving SPPF or something? :O
    Yeah, the anime isn't as interesting to me anymore. So I've run to other fandoms in order to revive my writing spirit. And gah, losing an entire chapter sucks. That's hardly ever happened to me, thank goodness. ):

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'ma mob you on MSN sometime. >3
    Correction: GOOD Advanceshippers are a dying breed. :x Haha, I still like the three Satoshi x Main Girl ships fairly equal with more love for Poke and Advance than Pearl. XD; Haha, loyal and stubborn, I'd say.

    ROFL indeed. Well maybe I will. :p And lol, I'm going through a heavy YGO phase where I'm more interested in updating my YGO yaoi fics than my Pokemon fics. I swear I wanna attempt to get back to my Pokemon fics at some point. It's just hard when I'm not feeling it.
    ROFL I'm writing and I got a new laptop so I'm setting that up at the same time. XD And Miss Popular? Ya kidding me? XDDD Nah, I notice who's gone definitely. I'm not one who forgets friends easily. And yes, I miss Uza-chan too. I saw Lisa a couple of months ago during oldie-old 2009. XD It's like my fave Advanceshippers like to disappear. ):

    Rolling Rock? Damn you non-NZ drinks!
    Of course I do! ASDFGHJKL

    I saw you on MSN but I was sorta busy so I didn't think much about chatting, sorry. 3:

    But but but I still love you and miss seeing ya round! <333

    Happy New Year! :D
    As a matter of fact, I am. You really dropped the bomb on them, though.

    You could go back to hibernating, but it seems you're going to be a mama bear and keep track of it.

    It's nice to see that the owner of the Advanceshipping thread hasn't abandoned it, and I will make sure that I don't break the rules of the thread.

    Thanks for clarifying that your fic has not been abandoned, but is just on Hiatus.

    See Ya!

    Chaos Out!
    Well, Uza's disappeared off the face of the planet, so all that thread has to rely on is you. D=

    Or are you perhaps related to Rip Van Winkle?
    Wake up from the dead and manage your AS thread, yo! It's dead without you and Uza running it!
    C4? What is this "C4" you speak of?
    *initiates denonator for no apparent reason whatsoever*
    Aaaahh, there it is! *points at kaplosion*

    ... heh, all silliness aside, though, I am still around, just moderating an external AdvanceShipping forum and... uh... that's pretty much it! I'm practically non-existant everywhere else since I'm simply borderline lazy. xD

    Well anyways, it's been nice talking to you again. =D
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