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  • nono, it isn't. And unfortunately, no one understands that D:
    It came with Windows XP when we bought it, is that considered ancient?
    No, I can't! No one uses AIM on the family comp! They all think it's dumb!
    Plus, the family computer is so ancient - unlike my laptop - and they had to INSTALL Windows Vista on it! And now the computer's super slow and the sound's crappy and yadda yadda yadda
    I really miss my laptop ;____;!!!
    I'd answer, but I just got finished with three hours of math homework, so I'm totally brain dead here~
    On a side note, today was Presidents Day and because all of my irl friends are losers, I stayed inside and watched the Presidents marathon on the History channel. And it was actually interesting. Abraham Lincoln is so my fave pres.
    You would think that, but every once and a while, it throws you a curve ball!
    You neither declined nor proved that you were busy on V-day Gazmof, so I'll say it again: I bet you were busy though!
    No, Gazmof, I was not busy. And you know what? I'm going to give my lame reasoning as to why I was not busy on Valentines Day. ANd that is, of course, because I am not allowed to date.Yup, there, it is out in the open! I am not allowed to date, therefore I am going to continue to be not busy for the rest of my life on that day. Well... not busy because of that day anyway.
    Well, that and the fact that Valentines Day isn't something that's really stressed in the religion if ya know what I mean.
    I bet you were busy though!
    lol, I love how much people always have to put up an excuse as to why they are not busy on V-day. Boy, this culture sure does pump this day up like crazy :p
    Yeah, ooh bitter Uza!
    Anyway, I'm not bitter/mad/grouchy anymore, so yah, HAPPY V-DAY GAZZZMMMOOOFFFF :D
    Aww, too bad time always gets sucked away.

    And I know what you mean, I hardly ever watch the anime anymore. For some reason most episodes seem pretty dull to me, like I've seen it all before but better. Dawn really annoys me in the dutch dub (sometimes I even feel like the writers are aiming for the 'Dora' audience xD) and don't even get me started about the wole promoting concept.

    But the old episodes and our faverourite ship that matches them still remains cool, so there isn't a reason why our thread should die. Like you said platinum release might even create a new little bubble on the site. And last but not least you're right, I wasn't really finished talking about the topic and if I find the time I'll be sure to post more =)
    ummm, I dunno :O
    oh wait, now I remember, you were off of serebii at that time.
    That too. XD But I couldn't remember it on the top of my head. =[ There was also the "Movie 12 will strengthen Ash and Dawn's relationship." @_@ Oh well. At least those examples I gave should suffice for now. ~_~
    Hi, Gaz. We haven't talked in a while !

    I guess because we have a busy life and there wasn't much to talk about anyway. I think the new episode topic think was a really clever idea. I really hope it will keep the blood pumping without going in to offtopicness and spam. I don't know if it will work in the longer run, as new members seem to be going in and out lately, but it certainly is a good try imo. So much kudos for now =)

    I just threw in my own two cents aswell and I'm curious about what'll happen next!
    I have, haven't I? :p

    You know what? I feel like being a hypocrite! MM-HMM, YOU HEARD MEH! A HYP-O-CRITE! And while I am being my hypocrite-ness, I am going to ASK YOU NICELY to read this story right here! And o yah, leave a review, why don'tcha?
    listen to what? :O Your I-was-just-woken-up-by-a-teenage-girl-who-wants-to-bash-hormonal-teenagel-jonas-brothers-and-jesse-mccartney-fangirls?
    Because if it's just that, I already did!
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