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  • hn, I see how it is >_>

    You reply to The Horizon but not me <_<

    That's it, you've just been demoted from BFF to just F on my MSN list >O
    Nah-ah, it should always have MSN. It can live without AIM though :p

    jasonenvyshippers continue to rise~! I think we could make a thread lol!
    Hey, what's up? I apologize for bothering you but if you are looking for a judge right now, I'm up for it. I think Uza likes you, dude. <_< >_>
    Becaaaauuse no one else would use it. And, um, it's pretty rare fr me to be on the family comp-u-tater, ya know? I'm always so retarded on it anyways, I swear, I think I momentarily forgot how to use the mouse :p

    I miss bothering texting you!
    But I was very ditzy!
    Come on MSN pwetty pwease~ I am on the family comp && that = no AIM D:
    EDIT: You get offline waaaay too quickly dude
    I have to be getting home in a few minutes but I had to log in to type this! Newayzzz

    I was just reading like the first page of our convos here on sppf and I just lol'd! I sound like such a ditz! How could you talk to me while I was being so... ditzy?

    Yay to 22 pages of pure nothing conversations! Wooh!
    What makes you think I won't stay long enough? What makes you think I won't stay? AIM is the best thing after MSN :D
    Throw in some Hershey kisses with those brownies and I'll say it's the best, period. ;)
    Yeah, I want to do more irl stuff; got tired of the forum & its' drama. XD And sure, I'll be on whenever I can. ^^ Thankies, though! :3
    You should sign in to AIM then!
    Thanks for representing! Now, if you want to continue representing... *holds out hand* Buy Uza a graduating gift!
    Hey, Gazmof, you know about Advanceshipping day March 15, 2009? I was wondering what you wanted to do with that. And yeah, you pretty much did disapear off the face of this earth.
    Happy (belated) New Year! Come back to the US of A soooooon~!
    I can't remember what I said lol, whatever it was, it was probably stupid :p
    Hey my man, Merry Christmas !

    A day later than expected, but meh, you got your greeting lol

    Sorry for the lack of reviews on my behalf, but I've kinda...given up.
    I've got two other projects on my hands with the forums, one is for the greater good, the other is for my selfish pleasure...
    But reviewing is on a hold.

    Again, best wishes to you and your loved ones, and see you around =)
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