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  • I figured I'd just reply in VM.

    "And then, for whatever reason, they have Mercedes as the moral voice of the show, saying that you HAVE to believe in something no matter what"

    She meant that you have to believe in something. That something can be God, science, or a genie that shoots lightning out of its titties. Something.
    ignorant little toerag. ohh your a troll.

    well your a goblin, orc, elf, dwarf and ENT!

    if your gonna insult people at least don't use PATHETIC NON-SENTICAL INTERNET TERMS.

    ooooh your a noob. CHILD
    Actually, in your country sex between two step-siblings is not illegal. It is defined as sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual, between a person and their parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, half-sibling, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece. It is punishable with up to 14 years imprisonment. There is no step-sibling mentioned, and therefore is not illegal. Now, if we were to go by the law of the place the state is based on (Ohio, my home state) it still isn't illegal. Because in Ohio, the laws against incest only involve parent and child relationships. It's still legal for a brother and sister or two brothers to do it.
    XD I didn't think it was fair. We didn't give anything away...(I'm not like GRRR. THEY INFRACTED ME NOW I ISH BE ANGRY) I'm just a bit confused. ^^;

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    End of an era, eh? Yeah, after spending 8 years of my life on this forum, it's kinda weird not checking it on a daily basis anymore.
    Sadly, I only have to keep it until next wednesday to hold up my bargin with Ethan. Although I'm kind of starting to like it...perhaps I could do a new fabulous thing every week until I got sick of it!
    you lost respect for a guy because he told you to stop using the word gay incorrectly because its more or less wrong? and that it reminded him of something that pisses him off?
    Lol, well I could've said 'Considering that line on Tsutaja, where in an ordinary female's autonomy her genital area would be, might indicate that it's a female'... but that would've been out of line, too serious and way too hard to think up xD
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