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Last Activity:
Mar 3, 2020
Apr 22, 2012
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This War Is Ours!, from L.A.

GC7 was last seen:
Mar 3, 2020
    1. Erron Black
      Erron Black
      I'm interested in the Life Orb, I could always use those! :)
    2. I love turtwig!!!
      I love turtwig!!!
      Did you still want to try to set up a trade for your female dream ball cherubi?
    3. Winona
      no problem! ^_^
      did you do well? how was it? :D

      I'm good, going to buy pkm tcg cards today wooooo~

      hahahaha :)
    4. Winona
      Hi, how are you? c:
    5. Ajduk
      I don't have a HA murkrow. Will 2 for 2 do?
    6. Ajduk
      3 for 3 sounds great :) I'm at work at the moment so no 3ds right now to check, but I know for a fact that I have HA Buneary and HA venipede. I'm not sure about HA murkrow, I will have to check.
    7. Ajduk
      I'm pretty sure that I've got them(don't have my 3ds on me atm), but I don't have access to those balls since I only have X and AS version(and stuff gained through trading, but nothing in special balls)
    8. Ajduk
      I've got the entire national dex so there are a lot of pokemon to check(x/oras+bank).
      Tell me which ones you need and I'll look them up and let you know asap.
    9. Yknot
      Hello, I saw your post in the items trade list and i am interested in wise glasses and expert belt.

      I have dream ball and dive ball jolly/bold eevee with the following egg moves (level 1 kalos born/bred)

      curse / wish / yawn / stored power
    10. kyogreblue3
      Will do, thanks for the items! I'll be putting them to good use haha
    11. kyogreblue3
      I'm ready, and already on X/Y in fact
    12. kyogreblue3
      Alright, I'll be there at the same time
    13. kyogreblue3
      You still there? Looks like I missed you :[
      Though if you're usually on X/Y around that time, I'll make sure to be available then tomorrow.
    14. kyogreblue3
      Yep, don't mind at all! Just shoot me a message when you're available and I'll get on X/Y :]
    15. kyogreblue3
      Alright, the 3 Pokemon you asked for have been bred! I managed to finish it earlier than I thought, but yeah, I'll be on X/Y tomorrow as well as the rest of the week to trade them over for the items I asked for (Red Card, Weakness Policy, and Assault Vest in return for Darumaka, Zubat, and Foongus).

      My FC is 5000-4000-2564, my IGN is KB3, and my friend card display name is Anton. I've already registered you. See you there :]
    16. captainrandom316
      I have a Kalos bred Bagon with Hydro Pump if you are interested(it is in a normal PokeBall though)
      If you want it, Im looking for an Enigma Berry and have Megastones that i can trade you
    17. kyogreblue3
      Ok, I can totally do that.
      I won't be able to get on X/Y tomorrow, so let's see... I'll most likely have them ready by Tuesday, if nothing comes up. And once I get that done we can arrange a trading time afterwards. That fine with you?
    18. kyogreblue3
      Awesome, I can definitely breed those three :]
      What are the IV spreads you want on them?
    19. kyogreblue3
      Hey, I saw your post in the IV Bred Trading Thread and I'm interested in a few of your items, specifically the Assault Vest, Red Card, and Weakness Policy.
      I can breed quite a few 5IV egg move mons in return for them, which are listed on my collection page.
    20. M.Oreo
      hey, would you trade an ability capsule for one of my 5iv kabuto, or a 5iv tympole w swift swim?
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