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  • no problem! ^_^
    did you do well? how was it? :D

    I'm good, going to buy pkm tcg cards today wooooo~

    hahahaha :)
    3 for 3 sounds great :) I'm at work at the moment so no 3ds right now to check, but I know for a fact that I have HA Buneary and HA venipede. I'm not sure about HA murkrow, I will have to check.
    I'm pretty sure that I've got them(don't have my 3ds on me atm), but I don't have access to those balls since I only have X and AS version(and stuff gained through trading, but nothing in special balls)
    I've got the entire national dex so there are a lot of pokemon to check(x/oras+bank).
    Tell me which ones you need and I'll look them up and let you know asap.
    Hello, I saw your post in the items trade list and i am interested in wise glasses and expert belt.

    I have dream ball and dive ball jolly/bold eevee with the following egg moves (level 1 kalos born/bred)

    curse / wish / yawn / stored power
    You still there? Looks like I missed you :[
    Though if you're usually on X/Y around that time, I'll make sure to be available then tomorrow.
    Alright, the 3 Pokemon you asked for have been bred! I managed to finish it earlier than I thought, but yeah, I'll be on X/Y tomorrow as well as the rest of the week to trade them over for the items I asked for (Red Card, Weakness Policy, and Assault Vest in return for Darumaka, Zubat, and Foongus).

    My FC is 5000-4000-2564, my IGN is KB3, and my friend card display name is Anton. I've already registered you. See you there :]
    I have a Kalos bred Bagon with Hydro Pump if you are interested(it is in a normal PokeBall though)
    If you want it, Im looking for an Enigma Berry and have Megastones that i can trade you
    Ok, I can totally do that.
    I won't be able to get on X/Y tomorrow, so let's see... I'll most likely have them ready by Tuesday, if nothing comes up. And once I get that done we can arrange a trading time afterwards. That fine with you?
    Hey, I saw your post in the IV Bred Trading Thread and I'm interested in a few of your items, specifically the Assault Vest, Red Card, and Weakness Policy.
    I can breed quite a few 5IV egg move mons in return for them, which are listed on my collection page.
    hey, would you trade an ability capsule for one of my 5iv kabuto, or a 5iv tympole w swift swim?
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