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Recent content by #Gecko#

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    Thanksgiving 2011 Megathread

    I don't believe in Thanksgiving. I don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Why? Because I'm grateful everyday.
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    Eyeglasses/Contact Lens and You

    I started to year glasses mid to late elementary and then went for contacts by early high school. Contacts make my life a little easier. I like to play soccer and spar, but I had to either take them off or wear sport glasses, which I thought they're actually pretty cool. But there was times that...
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    Error: Code 80072EFD

    For some reason I was able to do updates again yesterday. I used the shut off with updates option when I saw the updates icon over it and it worked. Error 80072EFD has been there for a while, so the sudden ability to update surprised me. I don't have a router or anything that could have blocked...
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    AP Classes

    At my school after sophomore year (and sophomore Social Studies class) its either remedial classes or AP. In my sophomore year I took regular World History instead of AP because I thought I wasn't ready and there was no PreAP. Big Mistake! Regular was just really boring, the teacher made me pay...
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    Error: Code 80072EFD

    I try to install updates for my Windows Vista, but I keep getting the same error every time (80072EFD). I try the Windows website for help, but it just tells me to add certain websites to my firewall if I'm not using Window's Firewall, which I am. I also tried shutting off the firewall then...
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    Firefox vs Internet Explorer vs Google Chrome

    I have used FireFox after Internet Explorer stopped letting me access to some websites all of the sudden (like serebii.net). I also realized its a much better browser.
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    It's an entertaining show. I don't like to see most episodes more than once though. Spy vs spy became my favorite segment when I realized that their wins are alternate (I don't read the magazine).
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    Family Guy should have ended already?

    Family Guy is still going strong and it's his main show. Although it has past its prime, I would rather have him drop The Cleveland Show instead as its sometimes lackluster.
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    School Rules You Hate!

    I remember my mom telling me how she received this when I was in elementary school, but luckily she didn't sign such stupid waiver. As for my current school, I don't have many problems with it, except that we have to wear our IDs without the loosening of the dress code. The dress code's there...
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    Dark and Disturbing Cartoon Theories

    I found the Ed, Edd, and Eddy one rather interesting. There's also the one in which all Spongebob characters are based on the 7 deadly sins, but you probably already knew that. I'll mention them anyway. Sloth-Patrick Wrath-Squidward Greed-Mr. Krabs Envy-Plankton Gluttony-Gary Pride-Sandy...
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    The Official SPPf Alternate TCG Recent Pulls Thread

    I bought one of each tin and pulled a Trishula from one of the Arsenal Packs. I would like to sell it to make my money back, but part of me just wants to keep the card for myself...
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    Anyone else deal with the "only original pokes are good" people?

    A lot of my friends that like Pokemon have that mentality, but I choose to ignore it and just move on with our different opinions. I like all Generations with my least favorite being 4th since they made some real lame and ugly evolutions for the 1st Gen.
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    Tales of stolen games

    I remembered in 9th or 10th grade I left my DS with 3 games (one of them was Platinum) in the bleachers inside a bag so I could step in the gym. When I was finished my Platinum and Super Mario 64 DS were missing. I couldn't do anytihng about it. I think then my friend found it and gave it back...
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    Are there trainers out there that don't EV train?

    Pretty much no one around me that plays is even aware of EV training except for one, but he graduated some years ago. I usually EV train for the Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway. But I don't bother anymore because I no longer see point and will never play competitive.
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    Pokémon with Your Friends and in Your Family?

    I know people in school who play Pokemon, but I rarely if ever play against them. And then there's some of my friends that play, but I either rarely see them or we have better things do to. My sis plays, but she's usually a Generation behind because she takes one of my old games when I'm done...