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  • Hahahaha, I remember our BW2 teams were like identical.

    Mmm, I didn't really like Skrelp when I first saw it but I NEED Dragalge on my team. Its eyes kind of creep me out but I like it a lot better than I did Kyurem. And honestly i'm too excited to try out Aegislash, that ability is amaaaazing
    I was sooooo hoping for Dragon/Fairy :(

    Greninja, Gogoat, Charizard/Talonflame, Dragalge, Aegislash, and something else (Sylveon? Helioslisk? Tune in next week!). I've changed my mind like ten times in the last day though so.
    Goomy is the biggest bamf in the game and if its evo sucks I will cry. It made like the entire subforum happy.

    Come onnnnnn part Poison
    Yeah it's honestly my favourite design so far. And those comments were sooooo annoying, everyone *****ing about Greninja for "not looking like Frogadier" but simultaneously masturbating to Chesnaught. B(

    I'm satisfied with Pyroar and Heliolisk but Pangoro is so disappointing. And I still can't get over how awful that Spritzee evo looks. It belongs in a brothel.
    I knoooow. Guess I'll go back to using Noivern.

    Also idk why but I love Greninja. Go go tongue scarf.
    Up all night to get Tyrunt

    Tyrunt is the cutest little mofo around and everybody should have it as their avatar B)

    Photoshopped, cats don't wear glasses. But thank you for the birthday wishes.
    I was in the MLB thread because I thought it was the pop music thread. I stared at it for about a minute wondering what the hell was going on.

    Now wait one freaking minute. I saw you stanning for Katy in the pop thread this morning. It seems you've already jumped ship; looks like my taunts finally got to you. However, you have some nerve calling Nicki "talentless" and then running to that blue wigged harpy just because she has #1 hits. You're so transparent. I'm laughing at your desperation.

    I'm done talking to you because like every Little Monster, all you can do is toss around old receipts from Gaga's peak (2009) that are irrelevant now. Just don't come crying to me when the second Artflop single peaks in the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.
    I was only joking with you before but shots have been fired. Allow me to educate you sis: Nicki's career has been astronomical compared to Gaga's. The fact that she's featured on so many songs proves that every artist wants to work with her. Nicki Minajesty is a global icon who Gaga wishes she could emulate. Gaga will always be second rate now that Nicki has exploded into the pop music scene. Nicki has hits, she has mass appeal, and her fragrance sold more than Gaga's black sewer water perfume. #clapback

    6. "Applause" - Lady Gaga (DEBUT)
    She couldn't even break the top five with her comeback single. Welp. There goes Gaga's career.

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