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  • Gaga is flopping sis. Want me to toss you a life preserver? Come join the Barbies; Nicki treats us right and she actually has hits.
    I think I repped you but I forgot because I rapped everyone and now I'm all used up, so I have to wait 24 hours. :(

    Also, ur hot. ;)))
    you're the first, I swear.

    But you should probably get checked out afterwards.
    I liked Amphy Perry back when she was releasing gospel music and living in a lighthouse, THAT'S how much I stan for her.
    I'm not that clever.

    And I wasn't exaggerating, I really did spend like 30 minutes trying to figure out a Canadian pick-up line. I was trying to think of something with "ey" or maple syrup. A pick-up line about a moose crossed my mind, but I forgot it. ;(
    I spent like 30 minutes trying to come up with a Canadian pick-up line to send you, but then I was like, wait, is he even Canadian?
    Oops. I see I've raised your blood pressure. I can't wait to troll you in the pop thread once my probation period is over. Ciao!
    I ain't here for Flopga anymore especially after seeing her newest single cover. I guess I should call her Clownga now.

    The 4th Kira, sis. I just wanted to spill some truth tea on your VM page. Be flattered that I even bothered to grace you with my presence.
    Yay, this thread becoming a mess again! Just like old times guys

    Just like old times
    Marvelous. Maybe they'll finally close it down for good.

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