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  • I'm such a mess, it's not even funny.


    I thought it was a joke, but turns out it's a real song! It's my theme song now.

    Oh thank god.

    Sorry about breezing past your news, but I just needed to say that I seriously thought I stumbled into the wrong thread until I waded out through all this crap to find this post. I needed that reassurance.

    But seriously, is this post-Profesco hysteria or just the world's way of finally showing me how "the clique" felt about Jenny123?
    so i was reading through the warzone that is the General Chat Thread at the moment and found this nugget

    just wanted to say: hahahahhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha







    Do I really need to say why? :/
    But apart from Kira, that Thread has been going downhill for a while now. Serves me right for trying to get my Pop music fix on a Pokemon forum of all places...
    Your descriptions in the HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread are AMAZING. The Nicki shade and everything...too good!
    I just thought I would let you know.
    I just wanted to say how hilarious I think your posts are in the HGSS Recent Happenings thread are. I was laughing so hard when I read them. You should write a FanFic....
    Lol yeah. I was so shocked at Andy's win at first that I was suspecting there must be something fixed. Federer played so well in Wimbledon and then it almost seemed like he wanted to give it to Andy at the Olympics!!! One is certainly not impressed with any of the top players!

    And I think I saw his final race. It was the Butterfly one if I'm not mistaken. ): Rio will be sad without him, although I guess everyone's buzzing about Bolt now!
    Oooooh haha I was just gonna say IM SO JEALOUS! I wonder if they let you play on their courts throughout the year. And although I was kind of proud of Andy for his win, I was a little annoyed. Especially seeing as I'm a Djokovic fan and he didn't even get the bronze!!! But the Tennis matches in London 2012 were all amazing regardless! Oh and I got lucky cause I have family that live in West London (I think) so obviously the tickets were cheap for us. Otherwise I live like 3+ hours away lol.

    As for the Wimbledon tickets, I've seen that site but that's way too expensive for a student! I'm going to have to apply through the ballot thing. I'm kind of understanding it now, I just hope I get chosen! And yessssss, we can visit each others town! Even if they aren't going to be as great as Wimbledon.... ):

    You also just reminded me that Phelps has apparently retired... More ):
    Haha yup! Basketball isn't really my thing, but the atmosphere alone made it pretty awesome. I'm still disappointed I couldn't get tickets to the Tennis. ): so now I'm still trying to figure out how to get to Wimbledon 2013!!!! The ticket system keeps confusing me. Lol. The train tickets were actually decentish i thought. £8.50 for all London zones for the entire day isn't bad! I just hated how hard it was to get event tickets, especially when there have always been so many empty seats.
    And yeah the swimming was the best! Although I think we have different reasons for thinking so. :) And what do you mean about the town thing? You live in Wimbledon?!!! 0:
    Exactly the same! Now that the Olympics are over I have no idea what to do. I watched like any sport on TV and even went to see the swimming finals and basketball semis! Zooming in on Phelps like a boss! Lol! I wish I was more into the whole Olympic thing before cause I ended up wanting to be a volunteer lol. Right now I'm still trying to figure out how to get tickets for Wimbledon 2013 lol. And yeah I most likely will end up getting a 3ds by the time AC is out. Hopefully they'll bring out some limited edition versions or a purple one!
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