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  • Hey! :) lol I sold my 3ds a while back. Luckily before the XL came out! I'll admit the mk7 days were fun but eventually people stopped playing and I hated like all other 3ds games so I got money for it. :) I may consider buying the XL for Animal Crossing but I doubt it. How've you been anyway?
    Oh, I definitley see what you mean, tbh I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take even his posts on the music itself seriously.

    Even so, if next year turned out as big as last I'm not sure if any of them would even want to return. Reading through old posts, it really has gone to **** these days.
    Wow, thank you, it's one of the few threads I visit regularly.

    However, I must ask: has the tension always been on boiling point?
    Hey, we are doing some MK7 races tonight, we have got 4 people (at time of writing) so far and I was wondering whether you could drop by and beat us all.
    oh an jsyk I'm stalking your already public posts and VMs with your activity tab.

    watch out
    Yes, I didn't really find it that fun.

    Get well soon! Yeah I'm fine thanks. Raining here too (You live in the UK IIRC?) as I'm in the UK and I'm currently on Work Experience (not right now as it's the weekend xD). 4 days of that left, back for half a day of school and 6 weeks off school, yay!
    Yes it was very fun being beaten by you every night -.- Haha I sold my SM3DL ages ago as well. Only 3DS game I have is KI:U.

    Seeing as we haven't spoke since we last played MK7 which was AGEES ago, how are you?
    Hahahahaha that quote is true :) If everyone still played online, then I wouldn't have gave it away but MK7's thread is so dead now...
    You don't remember? It was when I was saying that Floatzel could be Marlon's signature Pokemon. Then you called me a pillock, so I said a ton of more insults. Anyway, I don't care anymore what you did. Apology accepted. ;)
    Hey, you may remember me from a few months ago on the B2W2 Discussion, and I'd like to apologize for being an a**hole. I know its a bit late, but still.

    Oh my, I never noticed that. I trained a Serperior for a while post-game in White, and it was pretty good. At least it gets good move tutor moves (though I suppose even Ampharos got Outrage). Shame they couldn't update more of the Unova Pokemon's movepools, though. Yeah, I'm thinking of just going with the flow and seeing how it pans out, but the OCD in me is making me plan ahead. I'll probably use Cincinno and Flygon, but the last spot is still a mystery. I sort of want a Water-type, buuuut there's none in the game I really want

    Sort of hoping it doesn't come out at the start of September or I'll implode trying to divide my time between it an Skulduggery Pleasant. :u I should really get around to playing Professor Layton.
    Ugh, I know. Tbh I just skip most of the posts and read the ones from interesting people :v The three line rule really got thrown out the window, huh. And lets not even get started on the ridiculously unfounded speculation that goes in in that pit. The Drifblim thing was really just to break the trend of Flying-type specialists and their birds. Give them Drifblim or Gliscor or Mantine or something. Nah, no proper team yet. I know I'll have Serperior, Excadrill and Electivire, but I'm not decided on the rest. I'll probably pick three of Flygon, Cincinno, Heracross, Floatzel, Quagsire, Skarmory, Slowbro, Reuniclus and Mamoswine. Uhhhh.

    I just hope the release date is September sometime (or going by Irish season, even August c:), I couldn't stand to wait until like November or something.
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