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  • God, Fame Kills would have been one of the best collaboration tours of all time. Of all time.

    Hm, the fact that you want me to get the shades might make them too mainstream for my tastes. I'll just wear the freshly ironed ironic "No Hipsters Allowed" t-shirt ironically.
    That should be the first post. I love Mean Girls.

    I'm not asking you to snitch, just encouraging you to do your duty as a SPPF member and report things that are breaking the rules. :)
    I know! I'm not sure what it is about Kanye, but everyone just has amazing verses when he's there (except when 2 Chainz keeps trying to happen). Glad Azealia is probably working with him; every newcomer should try to.

    Yeah, that song was heavenly. It's weird, though, because I'm googling and googling and apparently they were super hyped by the New York Times at one point. I guess lack of press is the best press sometimes, because now I want everything by these people. I'm not sure about these hipster points though. Can I exchange them for some obscure prize that other people just don't understand, man?
    Yeah, if Nicki had an innovative bone in her body she could have pulled it off.

    Hm, I can hear it a little. And you have no idea how hard it was to find out who Portecho's Papers was, and the I realized Papers was the song. Where can I hear more of them, since Wikipedia hasn't heard of them either.
    It's such a 90's throwback yet still so fresh. I can't wait for her to bring all the best female rappers together for her album.

    I'm now your musical spirit guide, btw.
    Who says it was me? :3

    Also, there tends to be arguments in that thread lately, so if you'd like to report something to me don't be afraid to do so. I'd be happy to look into things.
    I was thinking about this one for today:
    Azealia Banks's 1991 EP delivered for me. Like seriously. Check it out too. Only 4 songs, but they're great to get into her.
    I think I enjoyed MKWii so much because I played a hell of a lot of multi-player with my brothers and sister, but I can't really do that now because only one of my brothers has a 3DS. Oh well.

    Sames. All I've really got so far is Serperior, Excadrill, and Electivire, and the rest is just a mishmash of possibilities. Lucario, Floatzel, Seismitoad, Vanilluxe, Metagross, Torkoal, it all depends on who's in and who's out and what not. So many decisions. I'm trying to have a multi-regional team, but so many Gen IV Pokes keep worming their way in. :u
    I'm still playing MK7 religiously, and I use my 3DS for all sorts too. I'm actually replaying a lot of Mario Land now too, but I've got all the star medals now, so there's not a whole lot else to do. Trade it in and get Ocarina and/or WW, you must. I love my 3DS but idk, I think I might not get bored of things as easily as you do or something.

    speaking of DS games, have you planned a BW2 team yet? Mine's all over the shop :s
    Wind Waker is totally awesome. Trade in Mario Land or something and get it (and also Ocarina and SS).
    Haha I actually just did the same thing. After not listening to the album for a while, or Kanye West at all really, I went back to it and was blown away all over again. We're terrible.

    Well, I was going through my iTunes to recommend something to you, when I realized you're pretty much right; the year's been pretty bad so far. All the mainstream releases have been disappointing in one way or another. Dunno how eclectic your tastes are, but Jack White's Blunderbuss was pretty damn good. Susanne Sundfør's album The Silicone Veil is absolutely gorgeous, as is Esperanza Spalding's Radio Music Society. But damn, that's about it. Hopefully Azealia Banks will deliver.
    Didn't you read the link? He's the almighty sky spirit :}

    ...plus it lives on Dragon roost island which has the best (the best) music.
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