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  • You're welcome! happy to help :3
    aww you didn't have to give me another rare candy but I appreciate it! :D
    No trouble at all! had I remembered it only evolved at night, I would've spared myself the confusion. :p but anyways I'm in the plaza now so you can come pick her up.
    yeah I just realized that xD and then I forgot Lunala has to be in your party for the dimension thing to open... oy. :p but yay, finally evolved her! getting back online now!
    oh wait, I see the problem. it only evolves at night. I'll go to the other dimension thingy and use another rare candy.
    errr... problem D: she didn't evolve when I used the rare candy ;_;
    I'll go level her up in the wild... as fast as I can >.<
    Okay, mine is Zeki. I suppose I'll have to disconnect to evolve her and then I'll be back online once I do.
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