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  • Sometimes I learn a lot from a fandom, hell, I'm really falling into the Star Wars fandom and I've been digging a lot more into Pokemon. Of course I guess it depends on how toxic a fandom is. MLP and Sonic really do not have their best foot forward when it comes to that. Heck, most Japanese related media has pretty bad fan bases. It's a shame D&D hasn't caught on, it looks very enjoyable with the right group of people.
    And yes, it did take me a year to reply. Just act like nothing happened. I had a lot of school work and went through a pretty shitty break up and was depressed for a while but I'm back and popping in when I can.
    That's probably a fair point, though I have come across music that has lyrics and isn't bad. I'd imagine the key is that music should have non-intrusive lyrics if at any though most music with lyrics doesn't fit that very well.

    Yeah I thought it was lame too since it's a segment designed to be stealthy but I wanted to just go in and assassinate every guard before they saw me. I figured it'd be safe since I had a ton of defense and 18 hearts but then one of them saw me and killed me in one hit without even triggering my fairies. Pretty sure that's the only case of insta-kills existing though.

    I mostly wish the taskbar icons were a tiny bit larger but otherwise I've been pretty okay with it so far.
    I've been using Pokemon Go.

    I lost my job a few months ago so it's been helping to pass the time.

    My Pokedex is filling up quite fast lol.
    So my laptop finally died too, just got a nice new one that feels similar to my old one. Didn't like having to pay for it though so I hope to find a job soon.

    Ah I see, the lyrics are usually what I heard complaints about as well. In that music that didn't really have a reason to have lyrics suddenly does, which I assume makes it even worse for many people. I'm the same though I'm okay with chanting to some extent, kinda depends on the music.

    Yeah you have really low armor and hearts so it's easy to die a lot early on. Later on I only ever died to stuff that was designed to instakill you in one small segment though. And yeah, stealth gear was really nice since it had a set bonus that increased movement speed a ton at night.

    My new laptop also has Windows 10 which will take some getting used to, but I'm pretty okay with it overall.
    Well when you challenge the Scientist who gets absorbed by the Ultra Beast, she ends up opening a kind of rip that lets Ultra Beasts out.

    After you complete the game, you will meet Looker who gives you locations to catch Ultra Beasts and you're given 10 balls each time you go out to catch them.

    Each one has a certain number that you need to catch before you can move on to the next.

    Sun and Moon have one that doesn't appear in the opposite game.
    [I kinda wanna play Diablo now :3

    Anyway, I just had an interview for Honours College. I think I blew it :)

    I'll read it in the evening, that's when it has most of its dramatic effect :3]
    [Sounds like there's room for more xD

    Good for you. I hope you'll find what you desire. :3]
    [Ohh haha. Well invest more hours into it then! xD

    Aww. You can have a shiny Pokémon from me on Pokémon Sun. :)]
    [You're just past the 10000 hours limit xD That's why you're a natural.

    Oh. That sucks.]
    I mean I got the impression that X wasn't bad but overall worse than Xenoblade in almost all areas, so I wouldn't imagine that there's much that's outright bad. Music is very hit-or-miss I hear. And yeah I've avoided watching him play but I imagine there's a lot of screaming and dying from him. I'm not very stealthy either but stealth gear helps a lot, usually I just run from dangerous encounters though.

    I guess, though really Windows has been very iffy in their approaches lately. Forced update to Windows 10 comes to mind.
    [Oh, haha. Maybe I should research what I talk about in the future xD

    About your job interview.]
    How were the characters themselves? I've heard very little and what I have heard was mostly negative, or at least not as good as Xenoblade's characters were. I've heard cleans up most of the minor issues with the combat system though. And yeah I got it for Wii U and I've been really enjoying it. Combat can be scary and possibly frustrating at first since it's easy to accidentally fight something that kills you in one hit, but at the same time you can be stealthy and food helps a lot.

    Oh I've never heard what it was like for phones, at least it wasn't a total flop then. But yeah 8.1 had an actual traditional start button and started up on the desktop instead of starting on their weird new Windows 8 menu.
    [Go and do a super speed run then. The extra super is for how much faster it would be. xD

    Heard anything about it?]
    I've heard mixed reviews about X though I'm unsure how much of that is disappointment that the games are basically completely different. I'm just picking up Zelda for Wii U since I already have one and don't feel like getting a Switch just yet.

    I'm not super observant about how good things are on computers but I found Windows 8 to at least be tolerable, though set up very inconveniently. In contrast 8.1 was much nicer than 8, that's for sure, but that's probably because it feels closer to how 7 was set up.
    [Hehe do it :3 Well, the fact that I have like zero time.

    Hmm... I know what you mean. I hope you're not too bothered by it. :/]
    [I can imagine, haha. I've always wanted to do a 24-hour live stream. Somehow that sounds really appealing.

    Just stay positive. It's no use being negative while waiting. Won't getcha anywhere. :)]
    I didn't, I'm told Xenoblade Chronicles X is a completely different game than Xenoblade was so I'm a bit hesitant to pick it up. Xenoblade was also $20 which was a big reason I picked that up. I may still try it later if it gets a price drop but either way Zelda is out and I'm definitely getting that as soon as I can.

    Ah that's nice, I recall upgrading my laptop to Windows 10 since I was told it was better than Windows 8.1 but doing so led to several annoying glitches that led me to go back down to 8.1 again.
    [Haha xD

    Sounds cool. So you're one of those streamers now. :p

    I'm sure a job opportunity will present itself soon.]
    [Laptop will suffice. :p

    Well, if the laptop can handle those games, it's an okay piece of metal. It does the job. :p

    Wow. Those are a lot of games. You'd better save up some money. xD]
    [Oh, haha, that's a funny coincidence xD Well, just call it whatever you want then. I'm sure "Laptop'' will suffice. :p

    Oh, great! Can you play Hearthstone on it? :p

    I see. I'll buy it once better games than just the new Zelda one are out.]
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