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General Nonsense
Last Activity:
Mar 24, 2017
Jun 3, 2011
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June 2
Somewhere in Dreams
Starfleet officer

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General Nonsense

Star Glider, from Somewhere in Dreams

General Nonsense was last seen:
Mar 24, 2017
    1. Veens
      [Yeah it's certainly a promising Pokémon. And nope, I haven't seen the design. :)

      Haha. That's funny :) Pokémon beating people up just has something to it. :p

      I find the sandcastle one kind of funny as well. :) Its design cracks me up. But yeah Lunala is definitely in my top 10. Tapu Lele is my favourite. :)]
    2. Shattersoul
      Nope. One consciousness, but brought back to life and split due to two overwhelming urges:
      1: get revenge
      2: prevent people like killer from existing ever again

      2 actually turns against 1, which is the disillusionment I was talking about.

      (2 is dominant most of the time, except under circumstances similar to the character's death, or in the presence of those responsible for her death)
    3. Shattersoul

      I've actually spent a large amount of time figuring out how the character could really set her two personalities apart (since she's decided to join the JUSTICE LEAGUE, where all of the heroes are, which is both the safest, and most dangerous place she could go.) No hero would believe that a villain would be stupid enough to become a real, devoted, non traitorous hero.

      There are two personalities: Annabelle Cain(Cousin of Cassandra Cain, daughter of a notorious killer)/Scorn (Malicious) and Mana Nimue/Hex(Benevolent)

      The only powers Scorn is shown having is dark magic, energy draining, bladework, instant personal teleportation, and a scream that causes people to get disoriented and bleed from their eyes. She fights like a trained killer, and mostly just melees targets to death, draining them as she does. Given enough time and enough luck, she could potentially kill superman, but that would involve at least ten minutes of total draining, which would be enough time for backup to arrive.

      The powers Hex is shown to have is Elemental abilities (Fire, Ice, Electricity), energy draining, multi-person delayed teleportation (runic sigil with a cast time) and incorporeality (Can't wear armor, but nonmagical, non-treated weapons pass right through her) and fights like she's never gotten into a real brawl before. She mostly just hurls bolts of energy at targets from afar, and when in doubt, knocks targets back and flees. She is seen draining targets, but mostly to stop them from using powers.

      Both of them can't eat food, digest food, and regenerate extremely fast. Also, when they get mad (which Annabelle is doing constantly, but Mana usually isn't), their eyes shift from brown to solid black (no color in eye, all black.)

      They also can't wear armor, due to incorporeality side effect.

      Also, the person that killed her was Deathstroke.

      Yknow. The dude in red from Teen Titans. The bastard that never fails a contract.
    4. Shattersoul
      Hehe. I've been working the character over more and more, and I've decided on a definite background for it:

      Basically, the character's entire family was executed. One after another, directly in front of her. Single bullet each.

      Then her.

      End result is character's corpse ends up getting possessed by Time-travelling Wizard/PURE HATRED (Not sure which one to pick) and becomes a shapeshifting "supervillain", more or less intent on absorbing power from those around it, growing stronger, and then eventually disemboweling her killer's daughter as her killer watches. And then executing him the same way she was.

      Yes, it's one of "those" characters.

      Her eventual goal is then to wash her hands of the situation, reunite with the rest of her family, and then become a superhero, while blaming said bloody murder on someone else, and abusing untreated schizophrenia to blame a personality fragment and never look back.
    5. Veens
      [Good. Pikipek looks like a great mon. :)

      Doing lots of runs is how I used to play the game. It's so nice to develop different stories every time for your character.

      Yeah Jangmo-o is my second favourite so far. :) Pokémon please give us an early pseudo-legendary. :3]
    6. Shattersoul
      To be honest, it started with the Danny Phantom fandom, but then it turned out that the name I gave her (the real name) linked to the Young Justice show, REALLY well.

      So the character can really exist in either of those.
    7. Shattersoul
      You never did respond.
    8. Veens
      [Choose whatever is easier to raise. It's more fun when the game cooperates than when it slows you down. :)

    9. Veens
      [Lol, I only want Alolan Ninetales on my team, that's for sure. :) I haven't decided on other mons yet.

      It went really well. :)]
    10. Veens
      [Just avoiding spoilers atm.

      It was a physics test. :)]
    11. Veens
      [Heh. I can imagine. :)

      I've been avoiding them for different reasons. :)

      Anyway, big test coming up tomorrow. ]
    12. Shattersoul
    13. Shattersoul
      I assumed so
    14. Veens
      [It's okay. I've only recently come back to this site myself.

      Sounds fun. I'm gonna buy some old Nintendo games soon, I think. :)]
    15. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      I'm happy the didn't mess up the starters for a change.

      A ghost type seems a good fit with the owl starter.
    16. Veens
      [Good luck, lol. I played the Sun and Moon Demo today.

      That's basically cheating. XD That's such a good combination.]
    17. Shattersoul
      Hey general! You were talking a while ago about one of your ocs, and I just recently came up with a new one. It's a bit... different than the others.

      If you want, I can give you a google docs link to a little blurb I wrote in the character's perspective, and I want to know at what line you can guess what fandom it belongs to.

      For the record, this character is really, really chaotic neutral.
    18. Psynergy
      Yeah usually I can't bring myself to watch a movie unless I'm doing it with friends, though I suppose that's a big draw with movies so that's not really a weird thing.

      That one reveal gave us so much and so little at the same time, and that reveal alone honestly is what got me super interested. Before the reveal of Gladion, Type: Null and all the other characters, I wasn't super excited, but now I'm looking forward to everything.

      Yeah Octillery is a Pokemon I remember having a lot of fun using, even when I played competitive in a much more casual fashion back in Gen 4. A lot of the new Pokemon in general look like a lot of fun to use, there's so many gimmicks going on with these new abilities.
    19. Veens
      [I'm always glad I can lie down after a long day and sleep like a baby. Maybe you should get some more rest in your spare time so you can work out with a clear mind.

      Ah, right. It's still an awesome team though. :)]
    20. Psynergy
      I've heard about movies from there and their reputation so I definitely know what you're talking about there, though I've personally never been a really big movie guy. If I'm watching movies with friends it's probably going to be fun for the right reasons.

      The character I'm most interested in Gladion, because he's very mysterious with all the connections that can be drawn with him, he sounds rival-like, and is so absurdly edgy that it's actually really funny. In general though these characters seem really interesting, hopefully they're better than the group of friends from XY.

      Octillery is pretty strong even physically, but it's got average at best bulk. It's definitely a fun pick for a Water-type though, if you're going to have a Surf Pokemon you may as well go with the one with 50 other weird moves to choose from.
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