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  • [I dunno, I was trying to think of a cool name when "Dave"just kept echoing in my head. :p

    Yeah, I'm relieved :p

    Yeah... It is. I think I'm gonna buy the Switch later, when the price has come down a bit.]
    I've usually not been huge on action oriented RPGs, to date the only fully action-oriented RPG I've played is Xenoblade. I have learned I'm not opposed to them, though turn-based stuff is much more my style.

    That's fair to an extent, but if it gets to the point where you're only there to win then that starts to feel like a job as opposed to a hobby.

    Ah, I'm basically at that point as well but I really only use mine when it's plugged in anyway so I've stuck with mine. Though I would definitely like to get a new laptop sometime soon.
    Ah, that's unfortunate. No interesting story and gameplay getting tedious tends to do that I suppose. Might be a fair assessment that JRPGs aren't your kind of game though, they are a pretty divisive genre.

    Yeah, having fun is always the most important part. You don't go to events if you're not having fun, and for some it ends up being fun because of the people and not necessarily because the game is fun.

    Oh that's unfortunate, does it just not turn on anymore? Fairly sure my laptop is coming close to that point since the battery is nearly dead constantly. Hopefully that's not too big of a setback for you though.
    [Sounds great. You should name the laptop ''Dave''. xD

    It did. Scored 15/17, so that's nice.

    Oh cool, I've got Skyrim for PC, but I'm not sure if I'd like to buy it again for the Switch. ]
    [Yes you should. Play its favourite songs, such as the theme music from Diablo.

    Thanks, it was so easy I left half an hour early xD

    Yeah. Personally I only like FPS games and games in which there's at least an aspect of this present.]
    [Oh, well, I hope it had a nice funeral. xD

    Cool. I'm gonna try to read it on Friday, cos I've got a test in the morning.

    Yeah. Pokémon, for example, has just te right amount of RPG in it. I loathe games which consist solely of cutscenes and also point-click adventures.]
    Is Dragon Quest 7 the one that recently got localized, or was that 8? I can see the idea to make everything a bunch of mini-stories being an interesting approach but if there's not even a simplistic overall story I can see that being awkward.

    Yeah getting to know people is probably one of the best parts of being in a community, I've seen people get into the Pokemon VGC community more for the people than for the game itself.
    [Aww... Did it have a name? :) RIP PC.

    Maybe introduce a different perspective and storyline and eventually merge the 2 together?

    I had a look at it and I'm afraid it's not my kind of game. :p]
    That sounds like an easy way for someone to get sick of the game, especially if they're not the type to easily catch on with games.

    That's good, encouragement is probably the best thing to get especially if you're coming into a new community. The group being small may even be a good thing.
    [I've been lazy too, meant to read it today, xD but I spent all day playing GTA V...

    Oh, I'm a look it up then. ]
    [They did. :)

    I'm looking forward to reading it.

    What console is that game on? It sounds interesting. :3]
    [Yeahhh. I've been away for quite some time, sorry. I had to study like crazy to ace my finals. :p

    Anyway, I read your story a while ago, but had no time to reply. D: I like it.]
    I can forgive questionable mechanics a bit since most games have one or two really dumb things, but with the whole time travel thing that means you're dealing with dumb stuff probably multiple times right? That's annoying.

    Well a small community is better than none, as long as it's one where you can improve and feel like you're a part of it.
    I kinda grew out of the whole MLP thing. After a while you just kinda get bored. But no matter how hard you try you can never get off the ride. I still indulge every once in awhile.
    Oh who cares who's watching a show I say. As long as people are watching, who cares? I'd be happy to be making money no matter what!
    My point is more the fact that some game are more broadly appealing to a wider audience and Majora's Mask feels distinctly not that. It feels like a game that's easy to end up not liking.

    Well especially there, but that's also a place that looks like it has a lot of different "communities" within the site and that probably makes it harder to get noticed unless you're really good or well-known.
    It's definitely interesting, and I can sort of see the overarching plot. However, several times she pulls titles out of nowhere, and I can't help but feel as if the text is... stuttering somehow. (It feels like the text's sentences are either too short to be eloquent or too long to be brisk, but that's definitely my personal preference, and you can ignore that)

    I read all 13 entries in about 10 minutes.
    If by the way I'm recovering seems linear (I recover really, really fast), I should be done with the flu by either tomorrow, or sunday.

    But yeah, I should be well enough to read your writings now, so I'll go do that.
    The Villians were bloody perfect. They were just so memorable and I get so nostalgic even thinking of the annoying British guy.

    Thanks. I really hope it kicks off. I'm putting my all into it and I'm just so excited to see where it goes.
    I got hit with a terrible case of the flu: I passed out for twenty hours, woke up for two hours to do homework, and then passed out for another eight.

    I haven't really been able to read your stuff. Sorry~
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