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  • Yeah I can see why people liked the game so much, but it seems much more like a game that'll attract some people and turn away others. It's a very unique Zelda game, though I suppose that could be said of most of them.

    I suppose that's just how it is in the writing world then, hard to get help unless you're well known probably. But everyone has to start somewhere.
    I kinda petered out around that time. I loved the Villians. They were so memorable and not meme-y.

    It's hard to describe and the notes are all on my phone. It's a turn based space ship game where you control a fleet of ships in an X-Y-Z gridded plane. I'm trying to make it super lore friendly and create an entire universe (Galaxy).
    Because I say Bruh and Bro a lot I was told I sound like Beast Boy. God I miss the Teen Titans. The cartoon that had a habit of getting surprisingly edgey was the best.

    I swear, once I'm out if school I'm done with retail. Or whenever me and my friend finish that game were working on. Whichever actually happens first I guess.
    Yeah I can see that getting annoying really fast, that's one of the things keeping me from wanting to play it myself. That and the fact that I don't usually get Zelda games of course.

    I guess that makes sense but that's still unfortunate. I'd imagine there must be somewhere you can find that isn't as difficult to get feedback, but I'd be the last person to know that sort of thing.
    It's interesting, but I don't really have enough background information to really understand it.

    Do you mind giving me a brief summary?
    God my voice is nasely too. I hate it so much. It does sound funny when I do this faux gay voice though.

    Don't even get me started on my crap for a job. What a sh*t show, let me tell ya.
    Should I create a deviantart account to post my various drabbles? It would make more sense than throwing them up on ffn right away

    Since there's no real continuity or even sanity
    Well you get so used to how your voice sounds echoing through your skull that when you do hear it it's so vastly different that it surprises you. Kinda like how if you ever actually saw yourself and you weren't looking in a mirror you wouldn't recognize yourself.

    Tallying is a double edged sword. If your the only one doing it kinda gets monotonous and you grow to hate it after a while. It becomes a chore if anything. At least when other people did it I felt like I was part of a team, you feel me?
    I'm sorry that I haven't been online. I've been busy, and I've been slowly putting my own story up on fanfiction.net.

    I'd be glad to read your story.
    That's a shame, is it safe to assume that the having to go back in time constantly and having to redo stuff is the cause of it?

    Ah I guess that can be annoying yeah. Though if you are getting constructive criticism at all then at least you are getting something out of it. Still seems like something that should be easier to get though, without having to go out of your way to give constructive criticism of your own.
    Ah I see, so it's kind of a lose-lose situation then. Do one annoying thing to make another thing not annoying, I guess minigames are easy to get annoyed with too.

    Yeah posting on a more dedicated medium like that will probably get you more attention and feedback. Not really a big surprise when you think about it though, it's hard for a smaller community to survive when you can just go to the bigger ones, unless they have a very bad reputation.
    I'm always using differing inflections and throwing my voice, so it's pretty easy for me to joke around. But it's mostly because I hate my normal voice so go figure.

    I have also never defeated a bedrock. Half the reason I tallied was so I could play some bigger part of it.
    I've heard that game can be a pain at times especially with all the backtracking and stuff, a break is probably a good idea.

    Sounds like a fun way to spend some free time, especially if you're taking a break from Majora's Mask. I've never been much of a writer but it's probably really easy to lose track of time just thinking about things.
    I work with a kid that's adopted and I rip on him all the time for it. He's a sh*tty employee, so I don't feel bad. when it comes to dark humor it all depends on the delivery. If you tell it like any other joke most people will recognize it like a joke and laugh. And you are funny, trust me. I've tallied enough of your posts to tell.

    I'm glad to see the bedrock thread still going, if not in a different iteration. I can't help but think I helped make it so in a way. Like the deranged crazy uncle that rambles about fighting Charlie in Vietnam even though he was an MP that saw no combat beyond a drunken brawl in a Saipan opium den.
    My girlfriend and I tell horrible jokes all the time and people come to expect it from me so they just laugh. Just the other day I was talking to someone about language and he was complaining about learning new ones and I said "we wouldn't have to worry about that if the damn Germans had just won the war." We laughed and had fun. I don't actually think that way and I'm a good person regardless, but if you don't laugh at something you'll stop crying over it.

    I thought about never coming back but I figured a more ghostly presence was more fun.
    What, you're saying the news isn't positive?
    I see what you mean, but I like to find the humor in it more. Sure, it usually means dropping a holocaust joke or two to lighten the mood, but it makes the news stomachable. It always helps to laugh no matter what.

    And of course I'm still alive, I have t been taken out by the CIA yet.
    Yeah, it's kinda sad to see stuff like that happen. Although I feel like the media just blows stuff like that out of proportion as well. Sure, it's bad, and I feel sorry for the people that died, but honestly they make it out to be "OH MY GOD ALL OF THESE PEOPLE DIED AND THEY WERE GAY AND THE KILLER WAS MUSLIM AND SO IS ISIS AND GUNS ARE BAD BACK TO YOU KATIE" I feel like Don Henly had it right in his song Dirty Laundry. "You don't really need to know what's going on" and "Crap is king."

    *Carries on a months old conversation like nothing happened*
    [Poor Nebby though :p Heh. I found them on here, they're so bad. x(

    You could always modify it a bit. You know, put in a different graphics card or change the cooling.
    I've been thinking about playing Minecraft again lately. :)]
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