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  • That i am.

    Like the sig says, there can be only one Blue Snover and that's me ;)

    I never realized you were here too.

    ~MM~ and rocko are as well.
    Wow, this was... A long time ago XD

    Sorry, been busy on PC (having your own RP is a lot more than I thought!), so I've been neglecting Serebii.

    I'm fine, thanks. Hopefully your game is still coming along really nicely. I bet that's harder to manage than an RP, huh?
    No probs, I was the first to take forever XD Yay! *accepts* :D You make numbah Sixty!!! XD

    Advanceshipping is teh awesome :) Do you write? :O
    Hiya! :D (sorry for taking so long with replying! ^^;;) Sure, I'd love to be friends, thanks for asking :DD
    My favorite has got to be Advanceshipping by far. Even though I guess it doesn't really seem like it would ever happen XD
    Hah, that's cool, thanks for taking the time to write :]
    XD I think my five days thing expired, so I can take that dare off my siggy (and replace it with who did my banner; it's really good ^^).

    I need to see what the truth for me is...
    there's still eight different colours on there! you can't have more than 5 D:

    sorry ive had too much wine XD
    me again lol. Just wanted to warn you, i counted 8 different colours of text in your sig, and...

    6. A limit on colour.

    Use a maximum of FIVE colours, and remember that not all colours are visible on all styles. The default colour counts as well.

    Don't want your siggy to get deleted D:
    GT!!!!! im in your sig :X XD Thank you again for my sigermajig, tis awesome lol

    sorry im in a bit of a hyper mood teehee!
    Thanks ^^ I always work with my favorites, to tell the truth ><' Occasionally I'll take out Glaceon to put Bibarel in, since she makes such a good HM Slave ><'

    By the way, getting a one-shot up in the Shippings Fics thread.
    Oh were you the one who I dared to write a drabble that involved other members including em as a shipping. Yup, that means me too, lol.
    Heck yes. I love my Mudkipz :3 And my Infernape's actually a girl ^^ I love female starters ><'

    Shinx = the first Pokemon I always catch in any 4th gen. games, not including spin-offs. And I've been trying to find other Pokemon to catch that can fly and isn't Starly. So in Platinum I have a Crobat, and in Pearl a Drifblim (I prefer Drifloon, but they can't learn Fly...).

    And I love Shieldon. Bastiodon are kinda ugly, but they're still pretty powerful :3 They may be weak against two things by 4x (Fighting and Ground), but are strong against pretty much every other type (except Fire and Water, I think), thus making them massive defense mechanisms or whatever you want to call them.
    OK ^^ Keep in mind, I don't like battling with ubers ><'

    My current team in Pearl is:

    Gastrodon (Western)
    Mismagius (I kinda regret evolving her; I liked Misdreavus more :3)
    Glaceon (traded to me)

    And I have 7 badges... And have won quite a bit with that team over Wi-Fi :3
    Heh XD I got Pearl (and a DS) way after my friends got them. But I was able to work their levels up a bit. Then I restarted my Pearl. And I had a friend help me with movesets for them.

    By the way, requested in your shop :3
    Shop? On Serebii? ><' I'll go check it out then :3

    If it's on PC, then shoot me XD

    I actually saw Platinum in a store that had some imports. I'm hoping to sell some of my games to make 60 bucks and buy it XD I just hope I can convince my mom to take me >.>
    Or I could just give them to you XD

    Or rather, tell you my Youtube username, and that could help.

    My username = MewTamao

    It used to have another meaning (some anime called "Tokyo Mew Mew" that I used to watch as a kid), but now I think "Mew" could refer to the Pokemon XD
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