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Recent content by Generator Genesect

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    *~sizida's Pokémon Rakuen~*

    yes.do you have a time you want to trade?
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    *~sizida's Pokémon Rakuen~*

    Have dream world gothorita and shiny porygon z.message for time to trade:)
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    Add a sentence to the story!

    then nurse joy ran away,scared at the weird glitchy thing who had just eaten her audino and chansey.
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    Black 2 Team for elite four (Suggestions to change anything)

    i've beaten the elite four and it is pretty hard so i'd suggest levelling up your pokemon a bit before battling them,like i did. if you want, i can let you borrow my genesect to help you! :3 genesect: hey! you've done that before with your friend! how do you think i feel? me:(locks genesect...
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    *~sizida's Pokémon Rakuen~*

    i'd like the japanese meloetta if it is'nt taken yet,please! pm me for a list of pokemon i can trade for it :3
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    Newby newby little newblet here!

    hello! i am a brand new player and just asking- are pokecheck pokemon legit? my friend has a shiny shaymin from there and he thinks it's fake...