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  • You're back!

    *insert fanfare and applause here*

    How are you feeling? Back to the madhouse.
    Oha dude, I'm still not entirely available for internet access, but I'm saying hi anyway.

    Anyway, I've had this idea for an RPG that I'm hoping will impress the mods enough for a perhaps an approval seal.... But I digress.

    Which sounds better for a name?:
    Sona: Identity of a Hero
    Hero: Truest Self
    So, like, am I still waiting on a partner? I haven't gotten word of anything on Tick for JUMP aside his approval... Am I allowed to post or am I still in need of a partner? ?_?
    Hey, GUN, I just wanted to say something since it seems there was a bit of confusion in the Drone RP.

    Was B-Steele trying to bite Cra-Z or something, because I noticed you said that B-Steele was trying to bite a bug that was 'jumpy and happy', and looking at the other posts, that did not match anyone but Cra-Z, so I thought maybe you were talking about her. The only problem I have is that Cra-Z is not a Cicada; she's a Yellow Jacket, which is a type of wasp.
    Hey, can I have a request for the coming JUMP battle please? Nearing the end, could you make it so Mewtwo guy does something that either breaks or makes En's helmet collapse? I got a surprise.
    Well, if you haven't guessed already... I think I'm going to cancel my reservation for Deus Ex. It's an awesome RP, and I might sign up for it later, but I don't want to be taking any spots if other people want to join.
    Hi there! I'm going on holiday from Thursday 12th to Saturday 21nd August, so I was wondering if you could make sure Zeta stays in-character etc.?
    Oh, if you want you can use FORM. FORM is the other character I made purely out of fun because I like making characters. I haven't completely finish all of his different forms (I'm almost done with it though) but everything else is finish. FORM isn't a big attacker but because he can change form he can resist a good amount damage. He often using the claws and fangs of his opponent as weapon. I think he might make a good pair with MEDITATE.
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