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  • Hey GUN, can you do the RPers a little favour? Couldja keep a list of accepted users and characters please? A lot of people have tried signing up, and its getting confusing to who is in and who isn't. Just a little suggestion to ya, dude.
    Hey GUN!
    I was actually bored, so I decided to stop by to tell you that I think the idea for JUMP is AMAZING! and I hope to get started soon! I can't wait for CHANGE to get into action!
    I am actually think about the MPD you suggested... So I was thinking that later he might have a conflict ion with the Alien DNA trying to completely take over his mind.. I mean it merged with his body, but maybe can't merge with his mind?
    Anyways, don't listen to some of those who want to get you down, your doing an awesome job!
    Just another piece of advice, the usual asked for length for U is Apearance and Personality 4 lines and history 8 lines. You never specified how many lines an SU needed. ;)
    Ok GUN here's a piece of advice. Never kill off the members of your RP, I've seen some of your's before and they never seem to last, partly because everyone stops posting, partly because you don't move them on quickly enough. Now I don't know how often you frequent these forums but judging by your post count- not that much. So one thing you should understand is, serebii lags. A lot. Now when you are trying to contact somebody, or even post an su in fact from time to time, the server will crash. Yeh **** happens. So please if somebody in future sends you a delayed message don't cut them out, 80% of the time its serebii's fault. Just thought you should know, however i no longer have an interest in participating in your game because quite frankly you were rude and abrupt and far to quick to judge.
    Hey GUN basdicaly Im posting here to ask permission to use legendary DNA in my JUMP su, it should become clear why if you read it through. Also there's been like 4 new SU's you need to chekc through.
    OK, here comes some unasked for advice that you need to hear:
    Its ok to ask for more in all areas, but you simply can't tell someone to scrap an entire section off their sign up, especially when it comes to personality. I wasn't ripping off personality from an existing character. It wasn't until after I had finished that I realized the similarities. I thought it would be a good idea to mention that as a comparison.

    You kinda took a step backwards with that.
    sorry about my taking a little long on your yugioh RP, had trouble with exams but im working on right now so should be done by tomorow, though I wanted to ask, is it alright if it's two spirits rather than a cross breed in the 'slave', as my thought was Lighty's ability is mainly just getting stronger the longer the battle, and secondly to unlock changing to Windy form
    I haven't decided if I'm going to join your Yugioh RPG yet (I most likely will) but I was wondering if I make a crossbreed would I have to describe both in the Monster Description field separately or will they be combine in one being?
    Don't like me attitude or my RP ability? Then you don't have to worry about it in your RPG anymore.
    Thanks. It's nice to see you were interested. Actually, it was removed for revamps. We are redoing the plot a bit, but it should be back up sooner or later.
    Hi! I was wondering what happened to your Alice in Wonderland RPG. It looked rather interesting, although I was going to wait and see if I wanted to join. I love Alice, but I tend to watch what gets accepted and what doesn't before I join a new game, and I wasn't quite sure how it would run.

    But for acknowledging the Mock Turtle, you get a cookie from me!
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