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Recent content by GengarNightmare

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    New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Well of course not every level (use your brain, man), but many of them. I said "beat every world", not "beat every world by flying." The only ones where you can't are water levels, caves, and the "set speed" levels (like butter bridge). As far as pipes go, if you're high enough, you can...
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    New Super Mario Bros Wii

    Umm..... we were discussing the new power ups, correct? Just pointing out that the cape isn't one of them, and I miss it, that's all. GEEZ.... The cape was broken because you could skip the entire level without ever landing. Seriously, around 3 months ago, I beat every world in Mario World...
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    New Super Mario Bros Wii

    I noticed the cape is missing too, WAIT! BEFORE YOU HIT THE REPLY BUTTON, I realize the cape was extremely broken (i.e. fly through the whole level). I just miss the epic look of the cape on Mario. Oh well. I'm going to go pick up my copy in a little while (have a few things to do around here...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I LOVE those games. :D I played through both of them about 2 weeks ago. The two bosses? Are you referring to the 2 vs 1 battle in the ring of fire? It's not that hard, once you understand how it works. It's just a matter of not making too many mistakes or getting locked into a combo for too...
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    Should online matches include gambling?

    ^This. I also thought you might mean "betting pokemon on matches". But real money? That's a definate no.
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    What was you're first Final Fantasy game?

    Me too! It IS the best! I love the sidequests. Getting all the "Legendary Weapons" and Omega Ruins was great! Can't say much for the sequal, tho. >_<
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    It's strange, though, that it's only Torchic. You really don't think they'll make any other starters wild? It's kinda random to have just one, don't you think?
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    The 'Bang your head on the keyboard' Game II

    dghjk Do girls have jump kicks? LAWL. This game is fun!
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    How dumb is the AI?

    Really? The only time that happens to me is when the pokemon has natural cure (like Roserade and Blissey). Other than that, the AI seems to only have a few basic strategies such as Sub-seed , sub-punch, hypnosis-dream eater, and other combos. Switching always seems random to me.
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    = game

    Steve Irwin = nice guy R.I.P. Steve Irwin (I feel so sorry for his daughter...)
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    The Silence Game

    *Discovers this thread* *Waits for English HGSS because Platinum is now devoid of fun* *Drinks soda*
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    Going to Toys "R" Us for Arceus

    Probably won't have time to get one today. Or tommorrow. :/ But believe me, I'm going at some point. If it comes down to the last day, I'll be knocking people over to get there.
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    Going to Toys "R" Us for Arceus

    Not this particular event, no. Some people are saying that Platinum will get the Azure Flute over Nintendo WFC, which would let you catch it in game, but I'll have to see it happen in Japan first before I believe it.
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    Going to Toys "R" Us for Arceus

    In which case my "screw 'em" philosophy holds true. :p Besides, the conversation at worst would go like this: Mean teenager: LAWL, are you playing POKEYMAN!?!? LAWLLLL!!! Me: *looks at what he's holding* Right. Since the "cool" people play Guitar Hero.....*rolls eyes* Mean teenager: I WAS...
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    Going to Toys "R" Us for Arceus

    Aw, screw 'em. Who cares what people think? I don't give off that "I PLAY TEH POKEMANZ" aura, so people probably think I'm just browsing the games. If it really bothers you that much, just go look at something cool (as if any video game is "cool"), and try not to stand directly under the sign...