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Jan 4, 2015
Jul 5, 2006
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CHEESE!!!, from Somewhere far away from you

Genkiness was last seen:
Jan 4, 2015
    1. pandafoxygirl
      Oh, my fault ^^; When I read the rules here at serebii however I saw a rule about something like that if a month had passed without replies that the thread would die or something like that. Maybe it was indeed, as you said, only for a few forums (that also explains why I didn't get any infraction points when I just became a part of serebii and hadn't got the time yet to read the rules and reviewed on a story that was already long out of use).
      I understand, I have the same problem with my stories and since I'm also still a student at secondary school and I get loads of homework and such I'm never able to write.
      Don't worry about the long wait, we understand your problems (at least I do).
      Don't kill yourself trying to write the story, take your time.

      You're welcome =)
    2. pandafoxygirl
      Hey Genkiness,
      I've readed your fanfic Heartbroken Again and Again and I really liked it, it's very cute and I love the shippyness and humour you put in it (really, you don't want to know how my parents were looking at me for laughing this much ^^; ). I read the entire fanfic in exactly two and a half day (new record, yeah ^^)
      Anyways, the reason I'm reviewing here instead than of your fanfic is because the time for us readers to review has passed (one month) and I don't want to break the rules by bumping, no one has reviewed in more than a month and you only have until 16th April to post the next chapter or else it won't be possible anymore (except if you open up a new thread of course) so to be exact, you only have 11 days left. I really hope you're going to be able posting the next chapter in that time, me myself and all your other readers would be so happy if you could make it. I hope that you read this message in time. I hope that you'll update soon, I really can't wait to read the next chapter ^^
      You've probably heard this a lot already but you're an awesome writer ^^
      Keep up the good work and I hope to see you soon ^^

      PS: Can you put me on your PM list please if it isn't any trouble to you? Thanks ^^
      PPS: I really love Misty's behaviour and I love that drama teacher. I also loved the part when Caroline made a photo of Drew and May sleeping on the couch and I nearly died from laughter when I read the part where where May sees Misty with the camera's and what else at the play ^^ I also loved the play a lot, it was hilarious, cute, amazing, etc. Sometimes when I'm reading your chapters I start hyperventilating and my heart starts bouncing in my chest from curiosity of what would happen next and things like that (don't worry, I'm acostumed to hyperventilating and I know how to stop it if needed ^^).

      See you around ^^
    3. shadow_shipper
      Don't feel sorry, since even though you posted a chapter once a year, I failed in posting a review for even longer ^^'

      I really owe you that much, keep reviewing your fic, since you've shown sheer dedication in keeping it running for so long, maybe for as long as I've been here lol

      I'll pull myself together and have a crack at it tomorrow. My summer sucked, and rocked all at the same time, but now I'm free : I'll take some time and do it ;)

    4. Waste My Time
      Waste My Time
      Hi! How have you been?
    5. ContestNoir888
      Hapi new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0~O~0 XDDDD
    6. shadow_shipper
      hey hey, Merry Christmas !!!

      Sorry, it's a bit late, just like my reviewing xDD
      But anyway, I've given up a bit on reviewing, but your play might be worth spending an afternoon on it...after all, you deserve it =)

      Best wishes, and see you around ^^
    7. ContestNoir888
      Hi Gen, so uh I read your announcement......: It's ok real life and school come 1st, though I'll miss readin your fics until ( hopefully ) December, but yeah, we can wait....
      And I read Chelc's post, man, she sure was angry, and scary, I hope she wasnt referring to me <.> anyway, yeah you really should have your priorities 1st, ...... so see ya
    8. Waste My Time
      Waste My Time
      Thanks for letting me be your friend!
    9. Drew_and_May_fan
      thanks for accaepting my friend request! CAn't wait till you finish your fic, "Heartbroken Again and Again"
    10. Shuukara
      Hi Genkiness ^_^
    11. ContestNoir888
    12. shadow_shipper
      Finally I see you online lol

      Thanks for the votes, yeah, you did it right, sending it to me ^^'
      Will you accept my friend request ? xD
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