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  • Would you like a fake rock-head statue in AC:NH?
    Uh sorry my answer is no. Btw I recommend you messaging me at evening. Around 7 pm pacific standard time. I'm sorry but I'm nowhere near active during the day. I'm sleeping
    No sweat. I was actually thinking of keeping it for my island.
    Go for it!
    [ The NFL should realign its divisions every year (while keeping teams in their current conferences) based on how each team does. The top 4 teams in each conference would form Division 1, and so on. Here is how each conference would look next year as of now:

    Division 1: Baltimore, Jacksonville, New England, Pittsburgh
    Division 2: Buffalo, Kansas City, LA Chargers, Tennessee
    Division 3: Cincinnati, Denver, Miami, Oakland
    Division 4: Cleveland, Houston, Indianapolis, NY Jets

    Division 1: LA Rams, Minnesota, New Orleans, Philadelphia
    Division 2: Atlanta, Carolina, Dallas, Seattle
    Division 3: Arizona, Detroit, Green Bay, Washington
    Division 4: Chicago, NY Giants, San Francisco, Tampa Bay

    Schedule format
    Home-and-home against each team in division (6 games)
    4 games against the division in the conference above you (if even-numbered division) or below you (if odd-numbered division) (4 games)
    4 games against identically-numbered division in other conference (4 games)
    2 games against teams in other divisions in conference with positions relative to yours (2 games)]

    [What do you think of this proposal? It helps out teams like the Browns, and provides networks like NBC with more games between top teams]
    [In the 7-year history of the Pac-12, there have been only three football season which saw sweeps in all three rivalry pods - 2012 (Stanford, Arizona State, Oregon), 2016 (Stanford, Colorado, Washington), and this year (USC, Arizona State, Washington). In 2012, Stanford and Oregon were rewarded for dominating their regional rivals with BCS berths and did well in their games. Last year what may have been the clear-cut best team in the Pac-12 was not one of the three listed. But this year, USC has chance to add a Pac-12 title and Rose Bowl title to the division and state titles they already won.]
    [I'd like it if CBS Sports Network aired a promo for Stanford-SDSU that was styled after a movie trailer somewhat, starting with a screen saying "Last Year" followed by highlights of SDSU's win over Cal from last season, set to the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, then a screen saying "This Year, the Mission Continues" then a screen showing the info about the game including the time, then concluding with a screen saying "be there".]
    [Sam Darnold could end up on the Chargers come 2018 which would be a good move from many standpoints in the effort to endear themselves to LA since he's homegrown and from USC he would make a good counter to Goff if this happens Chargers should trade Rivers before next season to give their new QB a realistic chance to win the starting job Rivers could be a good fit for the 49ers who happen to visit the Chargers in 2018.]
    [Dodger Stadium is pretty old. And if the time comes that they need to replace it, I know a site they can build a new stadium on - the site they were going to build Farmers Field on.]
    [right now UCLA alum Brett Hundley is the backup on my NFL team the Packers, but I feel he should be the heir apparent to Phillip Rivers on the Chargers especially now they are in LA. It would be nice for the Chargers to have a QB some (but not all, as you may see) Angelinos know and love very well. To replace Hundley as Green Bay's backup, I had in mind drafting DeShone Kizer from ND or Deshaun Watson from the national champs Clemson, which the latter could be ironic if my desire to see Nick Saban coach the Packers comes to pass as a consequence of failure to win the Super Bowl (only a title IMO can save McCarthy's job).]
    [well, a "perfect day/week" is defined as a USC win, ND loss and UCLA loss all occurring in the same week, but what would you call it if you add Cal and Stanford losses to the equation - don't forgot those two, the Big Four in CA all consider each other major rivals]
    [San Diego State won the Las Vegas Bowl, while WMU lost today. I think the Aztecs have a decent shot at being the highest-ranked G5 team in the final polls come next Monday, so they should feel pretty good heading into next season, considering they will probably be the highest-level football team in their city. They play host to Stanford early next year, beating them would be a real program-defining win.]
    [If the Chargers move to LA next year, remember the Rams and Chargers are to play each other in 2018 with the Rams as the designated home team.]

    [By that point, I'd like to see the entire Thursday night package - all 18 games - split evenly between CBS, NBC, and ABC (the opening night and Thanksgiving night games continue to be part of NBC's Sunday night package). In most years, CBS and NBC would each get 5 Thursday night games and ABC 4, with CBS and NBC each getting a late Saturday afternoon game in December and ABC getting 2 Saturday night games after the college football regular season ends, with adjustments made in some years. As always, all games are simulcast on NFL Network. I'd like the 2018 Chargers-Rams game to be one of, if not the first Thursday night games to air on ABC (which is channel 7 where you live).]

    [The adjustments would be made as follows]

    [If week 15 and 16 have the Saturdays fall on December 14/13 and 21/20, only the night game on ABC is played on the first Saturday to protect the Army-Navy Game on CBS and a game is played on NBC or CBS on Friday night week 16]

    [If Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday, ABC's Thursday game in week 16 is moved to Friday night, with their NBA games as strong lead-in programming]

    [if Christmas Eve falls on a Saturday, ABC airs a game the Friday night before and CBS (still simulcast with NFLN) airs a game the late Sunday afternoon which is Christmas which only has 2 national games as regional games are moved to Saturday]
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