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  • I really would like some sort of reply, either that you're still with us in the RPG or that you're dropping out so that I know not to wait for you.
    It's an interesting sounding character. Though I might suggest creating a character that's separate from Tham. Planeswalkers aren't exactly that common of an occurrence, so having two from the same spot hanging around and doing business is a bit much. Especially with all the other references you make where everyone is seemingly aware of walkers and other worlds.

    I'm not sure btw how I feel about the simic hounds Tham summoned. Most creatures and beings other than planeswalkers can't survive the BEs never mind summoned beings made from the aether.
    Hey there, are you going to continue in Planeswalkers? or should I count you out?

    On real MTG: have you been keeping up with the AVR updates? I went to the prerelease Helvault last weekend, ended up with some pretty interesting cards, and a good few wins.
    Make sure to check the planeswalkers discusion thread for info and updates, there's an issue with your last post that needs addressing.
    Hey there, are you going to continue in Planeswalkers? or should I count you out?

    Also Avacyn Restored and Return to Ravnica!!!
    What did you mean in the last post when you said ethere was someone on the rocks summoning the surrakar?
    If you could just beef up his appearance section a little bit, then you'll be set.
    I'm still looking for more in terms of the description of his plane. Look at the kind of summaries they do here for the various planes. For a totally new plane, that's the kind of in-depth info I'm looking for. Important people, places, mythology, etc.

    I could also use a beefier appearance section.
    I saw your post about you having a lot of Munchlax sitting around, but below you said you haven't been trading them in over a year, I was wondering what you meant by that? Sorry I have just really been looking for one as of late.
    Hey does anyone want to battle me?Im a good Battler.Ill take all battles within the regular rules,100s no hacks,That type of thing?Pm me if your interested
    I like your signature, but you'd replicate the cadence of the oath better if you put "The Blackest Night falls from the skies" on the same line as "the darkness grows as all light dies."

    You need a snazzier image, too. The Black Lanterns won't settle for one little sigil.
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