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  • Exactly! Wise men err on the side of caution, don't they?

    No need for thanks when respect is well earned, heh. ^_^
    Hello there, Gentleman!

    I don't mean to impose, but I did want to stop by merely to say I enjoy your posts a great deal, and that I have a lot of respect for you. Glad to have you around~ =)
    Indeed? Ethan definitely seems to find fitting candidates for his shenanigans, if nothing else. Something tells me Ethan's blocked your ability to edit your signature as well.

    I'll rest assured tonight, then.
    Quite successfully, it would seem ;)

    Arr, that be the case. It is Chansey after all. Infamous for stunts like those.
    Nice post back in the "Ever wondering why you keep playing Pokémon..." thread, Gentleman.

    You got me at the Chansey, I tell ya, someone always gets me with the Chansey!
    And on no occasion is any of that personal. Simple objective discussion, good sir, and I commend you for understanding that.
    I know you don't really care for this, but if ever you're lookin' for a taste of awesomeness, go there :p
    I've probably written way too much on the subject either way.
    Getting to quite a habit, eh? :p

    And don't you have things to throw anymore ;)
    Opinions can change other people's opinions. Take me for example, I constantly change my opinions whenever I hear someone else's.
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