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  • Hey, my match between Rainslight needs reffing. It's okay if you've been busy, I was just reminding you since a few days have passed.
    Hey, George. Read over your first reffing. Excellent. Though Rock/Steel types don't resist Uproar, Round, Echoed Voice, Hyper Beam, etc.
    Thanks again for taking the match ^^ Ironic, this is my first match and your first reffing We're both noobs xD

    Shame you couldn't continue with the RP, though. I was really looking forward to Felix and Grim fighting x3
    Well, Niihyl's been wanting revenge for me being his GM for a couple months, so I had to give him a heads up.

    Ah. I don't mind the guy, but he still seems gruff. That ain't a bad thing though. It works. I came to Serebii years ago as a unexperiance Fanfic writer and got absolutely destroyed by Yami Ryu when she was still around.

    Ah... I didn't realize that. The wink of playfulness is usually so sincere.

    And thanks.
    Alright, thanks. Jean and I are planning something. Her char will examine mine and realize he isn't her ex. Her ex has a scar on his chest. Diego doesn't and Diego has a birthmark, a dot on his right ring finger. That, and I assume meeting times could work better at night
    Eh well, not much is being done except everyone is being pissed off at one another.
    Hey. I am thinking we should get everyone to rest or something. What do you think? Like a time-skip.
    Well maybe in leg strength. They can jump 50 times their body length. You doing alright?
    Micheal better be careful. Diego is quite possibly going to become the strongest. Comparing size to strength, bugs are stronger than most beings. Not to mention the ability of webs and poison. His poison doesn't kill but causes pain, itching, redness and significant swelling
    Yeah, as long as he can keep the tarbosaurus away from its neck, its pretty well off. It was probably immune to most predators of its time. Therizinosaurus's claws were an almost perfect weapon, but I wouldn't count out the Tarbosaurus just yet. IF it got its jaws around the therizinosaurus's neck it would be all over.
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