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  • One of my old school White Rock North's trade marks is that it's a Geovanicon which forms young children's minds, like a heat rock hidden away which is a definition of the word of your name. Did you go to White Rock North btw? Not many people know the word of which your named. The way you talk and tonally carry yourself on the bored reminds me of an old friend of mine.
    Cool you named yourself after a Geovanicaon. Powerful :)
    Were you in IMP back in PO days btw? I'm actually a well known member of that clan that hid once and ran into an imposter (oddly enough) that accused me of not being who I am. I thrashed him of the ladder.
    Ayo dude with a gangster name, quit talking to my friends. JK. Impressive rank 10 in battle factory btw. Truly old PO IMP impressive. Wouldn't be surprised if you made it to hidden status in that monstrous troll clan. I learned what a Geovanicaon is in first grade btw cus I went to a prestigious school that delivered levels of PhD knowledge to its students. Truly the smartest way of educating children to form them.
    Haha yeah I still debating on switch tbh haven't had a main system from Nintendo for awhile lol glad to see your still good have fun with VO :) saw ya joined were still alive just most peeps are on discord more then the thread now. I am do in well though ;)
    How did I not friend you all this time on here?! xD

    Btw, I respect your reasons for leaving TEF and I hope we can keep in touch on here~

    Hey! Now I have another reason to check my VMs! xD
    Geovanicaon, as the new co leader of the masters league, I'm contating those whose been away for over a week or more. I know school is in session and all, but it would be nice if you're able to stop in the masters league evey now and then. there are still some leaders that are waiting to be challenged by you such as myself as seen here


    Please come soon. And be sure to bring more future challengers if you like

    Let's try to reschedule the battle, cuz I missed last night and you can't battle tonight. Would 5PM your time any day this week work?
    Hey, I can't battle until later tonight (July 22). Anywhere between 6-10 PM (US Central) works great for me :)
    can you clone? if so, i can trade with you some flawless shiny pokes from past gens for your shop. they are all useful in competitive.

    i woul do it in trade for some stuff i need. bu only if you can clone
    Ok, good luck beeing an E4. For more details read the OP and talk to Helio Breaker. The E4 will open once we get our fourth member.
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