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Oct 18, 2014
Nov 18, 2013
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geraldpunk was last seen:
Oct 18, 2014
    1. Mudkip99
      Thanks for the cloning!!!
    2. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      I'm still looking for the rest of the y megastones, bar mewtwo's which I've been offered already.
    3. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      I'm afraid I don't have any more fossils. Sorry. :(
    4. geraldpunk
      Then could you get me other fossil pokemons with HA in a special ball(not dream)?
    5. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      The omanyte's meant to be in a diveball, I don't have a diveball one in HA.

      I did point that out in the thread, though I suppose it's not entirely clear. I have a HA dreamball one somewhere in 5th gen, if that's really important.

      Thanks for the ditto, btw.
    6. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      Wait, you haven't included the ditto in any of these.
    7. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      They can't be, as Plusle and Minun's HA was added after the Dream World closed.

      I'd have thought they'd carry a HA flag so they could inherit it, but apparently not.
    8. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      Sorry, keep getting deistracted by minecrafts april fools. i'll be on imminently.
    9. Will-powered Spriter
    10. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      I'll need your FC though.
    11. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      Oh, yeah.

      Sorry, I've been a little innactive. I'll go get my DS, since we both seem to be on.
    12. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      Right, I've finished. They're all in their respective balls, and all have a dream ability where possible.
    13. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      Yeah I guess.

      Could the item be Charizardite Y?
    14. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      I'm afraid not, as I wasn't actually aware you could get pikachu in a dream ball until just now. It's from a japanese only event or something.

      (Also that's 12 things you've said there).
    15. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      10am - 11pm GMT-0, but that said I'm away for half of today and most of tomorrow.

      Which ones do you want? I can breed them while I'm on the train.
    16. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      I'd definitely prefer the foreign one.

      As for which ones, these are the ones I have over on 6th gen, in a dream ball unless specified otherwise:
      Cottonee, Ekans, Paras, Pinsir, Eevee, Snorlax, Heracross, Chansey, Shroomish, Slakoth, Nincada, Whismur, Plusle, Minun, Gulpin, Roselia, Cherubi, Aipom, Gible, Carnivine, Sneasel, Pidove, Roggenrola, Drillbur, Audino, Barboach (Dive), Tympole, Venipede, Petilil, Basculin (Blue in Dream, Red in Dive), Sandile, Maractus, Dwebble, Scrafty, Sigilyph, Tirtouga, Solosis, Ducklett, Vanillish, Emolga, Karrablast, Alomomola, Joltik, Elgyem, Axew, Shelmet, Stunfisk, Pawniard, Heatmor, Durant, Timburr, Kabuto (Dive), Omanyte (Dive).
      As I said, I do have pretty much all of them, but the rest are still sitting on gen 5. You can pick from those too, if you have to.
    17. Will-powered Spriter
      Will-powered Spriter
      All of them? That's almost 275 pokémon.

      I'll be happy to breed you a few, but 10 at most. Are the 6IV ditto foreign or english language?
    18. Razor Leafeon
      Razor Leafeon
      Yo, you there? I'm ready to give you some of the pokedex data you're missing.
    19. onjj13579
      but i want ponyta nature Jolly or Adamant...:p
    20. Trevenant
      check your PMs :D
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