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Last Activity:
Feb 22, 2017
Apr 24, 2013
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New Member

gerehead was last seen:
Feb 22, 2017
    1. Scherzando
      Hey, could you meet me online in X/Y sometime? I just saw that you have Swirlixes in your friend safari and I want to catch a HA one :o
    2. Capricornicus
      I got someone else to help me several days ago.
    3. Alatar VGC
      Alatar VGC
      Hey there

      Sorry about the delays.

      I am waiting on the person I am receiving the Gible from.

      I'll be in contact very soon
    4. Scherzando
      Hey, I'll be online for a while so I'll be ready to trade whenever you come online.
    5. Kea
      I cannot answer you :(
    6. LudaChris78
      Clear some space in your inbox. I added you but you're not on.
    7. Cloudchild75
      Your inbox is full. It says your fc is invalid?
    8. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      For that list, I forgot to add the ORAS Glalie that I obtained myself. Like my other self-obtained events, it's not cloned, and untouched.
    9. gerehead
      Fyi great trader, Chase23. Trusted and polite!
    10. Snoo
      Are you interested in: Dream Ball Tentacool or Zigzagoon?
    11. King Wulfharth
      King Wulfharth
      Hello there, I can tell you what your Safari pokemon are and I'd love it if you added me too.

      FC is 1719-4249-5926 Thanks!
    12. Dark Trinity
      Dark Trinity
      Hello Gerehead, I saw your post in the bank ball thread about dream ball HA. I'm currently looking for DB HA weedle, I'll give you a paras, shieldon or Castform whichever you prefer. :)
    13. Koumashiki
      (your PM box is full so I'm sending through VM)
      Ah yes my shiny Mawile is Kalos-born. Glad that you interested in one of my offers ^^
      However my 3ds is currently charging and I don't want to use it while charging (also the spot is hard to get wifi), so I won't be able to trade right now ^^ It should take about 3 hours until I can ready for trade.
    14. SmeargleRocks
      Last thing, I have it her kyushu shinies but al are on gen5 and I'd like to tutor them before transfer which is why they are still there
    15. LeafeonTheVoid
      Hello, I saw your sig in one of the threads and wanted to ask about the Meloetta you were offering.
    16. Kevin24
      trying to fix a problem first
    17. TheCharredDragon
      Excuse me, I'm looking for Treecko, Torchic and Totodipe for my game, Black 2, before the 4th and 5th Generation servers shut down. I saw that you had them so I'd like to know if you'd be willing to trade with me. Tell me what you'd like and I'll see if I can trade 'em. I await your reply...

      Yours truly, TheCharredDragon.
    18. Nulava
      Are you ready?
    19. Nulava
      Yoo let me know when your ready. :)
    20. ChaosHex
      Hi dude if you still want those shiny pokemon i can trade now
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