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  • Hey, could you meet me online in X/Y sometime? I just saw that you have Swirlixes in your friend safari and I want to catch a HA one :eek:
    Hey there

    Sorry about the delays.

    I am waiting on the person I am receiving the Gible from.

    I'll be in contact very soon
    For that list, I forgot to add the ORAS Glalie that I obtained myself. Like my other self-obtained events, it's not cloned, and untouched.
    Hello there, I can tell you what your Safari pokemon are and I'd love it if you added me too.

    FC is 1719-4249-5926 Thanks!
    Hello Gerehead, I saw your post in the bank ball thread about dream ball HA. I'm currently looking for DB HA weedle, I'll give you a paras, shieldon or Castform whichever you prefer. :)
    (your PM box is full so I'm sending through VM)
    Ah yes my shiny Mawile is Kalos-born. Glad that you interested in one of my offers ^^
    However my 3ds is currently charging and I don't want to use it while charging (also the spot is hard to get wifi), so I won't be able to trade right now ^^ It should take about 3 hours until I can ready for trade.
    Last thing, I have it her kyushu shinies but al are on gen5 and I'd like to tutor them before transfer which is why they are still there
    Excuse me, I'm looking for Treecko, Torchic and Totodipe for my game, Black 2, before the 4th and 5th Generation servers shut down. I saw that you had them so I'd like to know if you'd be willing to trade with me. Tell me what you'd like and I'll see if I can trade 'em. I await your reply...

    Yours truly, TheCharredDragon.
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