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  • I have noticed you know quite a few things more on software development and computers in general than the average Serebii Forums user. Maybe a little more than myself, impressive. I do programming in C++, scripting in Python, some web development, and other areas that interest me. I am primarily self taught, so how did you learn?
    VLC is great. I pretty much use it for all my videos. Still not quite sure if I ever get a desktop if I can tag music with as much detail as I'm used to, but it's awesome for all sorts of video playing. No downloading codecs or any crap like that, since it already handles everything!
    lol, I'm reading your posts in the "no one takes the anime seriously thread"

    We should be friends. Why are we not already?

    Also, Arceusgamer12 always makes threads like that. I think he knows that nostalgia conversations are conversations that poke buttons on both sides, since he frequently makes threads like this, but that is just my opinion.
    Hi,got a quick question

    I'm playing a DS game in my US 3DS. When in the home,I switch the wireless on.

    After entering the game,I turn it off,IF I need to activate my C-gear,could I turn my wireless on again without returning to the home?
    Well the door is in the middle of the other doors and its like a hole. It looks like a plus sign and it looks like you can plug something into it.
    hey i have a question. i have a dell inspiron 531 a nd there are these 3 doors on it. one is where you put the cd in, the other is for 4 usb ports, microphone and earphone, im guessing a floppy disk drive and a thing that says 1394. The one in the middle has this plus sign thing in it. I want o know what the 1394 thing is and the plus sign thing is.
    Oh God I know that ;D! Watching the first episode (after only watching Battle Frontier onwards) was like: LOLwut is this. He used to sound a lot worse than he does now tbh.
    You sure know how to make Pokémon deep ;D! I really didn't mind Ash's new voice - sure it was a bit weird getting used to it but it was OK for me :/ I love Jessie's voice though.
    I've seen a few of the beginning episodes, all of Master Quest and a few dotted here and there. They're good from what I can see :)
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