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  • I don't want this to sound wrong, but since my new debate thread is practically guaranteed to be a spectacular failure, I believe it is only right that you should have a chance to respond. Just, be sure to read the first post.
    Free will exists. I could have ignored your message on my talk page, yet I answered it. Since I could have ignored it, despite the fact that you wanted me to answer it, is an example of the fact that Free Will exists.
    I like to ask first duh :p

    Does free will exist? The determanism doctrine is that our actions are on a set path because of our experiences; so we would therefor have no free will.
    But the doctrine of Libertarianism says that the concept of free will is simply having the ability to take more than one possable path.
    What are your beliefs on the putative concept of free will?
    I suggest you reread the thread, we went over this already.
    I edited my post further to explain why I quoted the original post and stuff to clear some confusion up. I do realize that you already discussed my position with someone so I just had to make that clear and stuff. I apologize for the confusion.
    LOL I've never heard of that before.

    Well I'm guessing what happened at your school was that a couple of kids were caught doing something not appropriate for their age, so they gave the entire school "the talk".

    In terms of legality, if some kids of similar ages (within 1 year of age usually) get caught engaging a form of sexual activity that isn't appropriate for their age, the school will likely first determine if there is any parental abuse going on, if not, they won't throw the kids in jail, lol. It's technically illegal and yes, there could be law suits, but the usual course of action for kids who are "just experimenting" is to sit them both down, and explain the risks of underage sex (i.e STD's, pregnancy, etc). Kids do stupid stuff sometimes, unless one of them was much older than the other (i.e a 16 year old and a 13 year old), explaining that that kind of behavior is inappropriate is enough in most cases. I have never heard of kids being thrown in "juvy" for anything less than repeated theft or assault.

    So I'm pretty sure if there's a lot to debate about in the subject, it's probably a better idea to avoid that subject as a debate.
    Um, what exactly is this "nervous" game? I get the sexual connotations behind it, but I'm not getting exactly what you're referring too, or how one could get arrested for playing it.

    If you are above the age of consent, you legally have the right to engage in sex with anyone else above the age of consent. The only restriction is that until you are 18, a person in a position of authority over you (i.e teachers, police officers, etc) may not engage in sexual activities with you. At least, this is the way the law works in Canada/most American states.
    Oh I see I figured everyone could do it like me.

    But here is what I was going to post but changed my mind at ladt minute

    Today in school we had an assembly about a game called nervous. Where you touch someone until they say 'nervous' or stop. They asked us to raise our hands if we had heard of the game. Only four people had. They continued to say they arrested one kid and suspended others. As well as that you could be in jail for a felony of indescent assault, and be there for 10 years and be registered as a sex offender.

    Even if both people consented. Apparently until they are 18 no one can consent to anything. And mhy friend cody was the only one that made sense. He sais "okay so let me get this staight. . . If we play a stupid game we can goto jail for 10 years and be sex offenders for the rest of our lives. Even if we are the same age and consent. Yet 50 hear old guys can have sex with 18 year olds and nothing is wrong with it. How is there nothing wrong with this." At the very end they said we all had to report anything that could be interpretted as this game.

    Whagt do you think of this?
    hey can you tell me if you think this would be an appriopriot topic for debate forum and if you think it would make a good first post?
    You failed to mention the subject of the thread you'd like to post, lol. All you said was "would this be a good idea?". Unfortunately, I do not have the capability of reading minds (yet...)
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