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  • hey can you tell me if you think this would be an appriopriot topic for debate forum and if you think it would make a good first post?
    No problem, it's a forum, we're supposed to discuss things, if you have something valuable to contribute or an opinion on my opinion, as long as it's just friendly discussion there's no problem with disagreeing with someone :).
    Hi,just wanted to thank you for sending me friend request im glad because of that.
    Also hope you dont mind if it seemed like i was tying to correct you in that threa about Kanto and OI comparisons.I was merely trying to point out how Mistys character didnt received closure in reality aside from some minor subplots being replaced with hakfway done story.Original sderies as a whole did get good ending but stories of characters not really.

    Speaking of Misty and show in general for me show used to have better humor and character interaction with her around and wide range of emotions and personality depth she had.Pokemon just used to have some sort of charm with her around which was kinda gone when she left if you get what i mean.

    Also im not sure if you ever readed,but on wikipedia in book of critical reception,japanification of childen Tv show or something it was mentioned what was her character importance to this show.From stiry standpoint i say she was important along with Brock to Ashs growth as trainer acting like his mentor giving moral support correcting his mistakes acting like glue which formed group together as entirety.
    You're welcome! :)

    And I agree with you on Ash's outfits. Personally, I like his original outfit best (cause of nostalgia XD). Then, Ash's Hoenn outfit is my second favorite. I love the hoodie! ^^

    And I don't like his Sinnoh outfit at all. But that's because it reminds me of Sarah's Ash voice. =P
    I noticed that after every season, Veronica's pitch would change slightly. Orange Islands - it went from sounding deep in Kanto, to sounding REALLY high in Orange Islands (the voice was high, but Ash still sounded like a boy, in my opinion)

    Johto Journeys - same voice as Kanto, except slightly higher (I like this pitch best, I think it fits Ash perfectly, relecting his energetic personality) =D
    Johto League champions - same voice as Johto Journeys, pretty much, I didn't notice any change in inflection
    Master Quest - the voice is more polished overall, and it's less rough/stuffy than the Johto Journeys voice sounds (I like this pitch too! It's awesome!)
    Advanced, Advanced Challenge, and Advanced Battle - same voice as Master Quest, except the pitch is deeper =)

    I think if TPCi had allowed Veronica to stay and voice Ash, she would've used her Hoenn Ash voice for the Battle Frontier and D/P seasons.

    Personally, I think Sarah Natochenny is a fine VA. I have nothing against her. She's doing a great job in the Sinnoh League episodes. But, no matter how good Sarah gets, she just isn't Ash to me. I grew up watching the old episodes of Pokemon, and that's why I'll always prefer Veronica Taylor as Ash.

    But, that's just my opinion. XD
    Hi! To answer your question, in season one, it only took Veronica Taylor 20 or so episodes to get Ash's voice right. After that, he had his "normal" voice. =)

    It's interesting, because in Kanto, Veronica changed her pitch 3 times. The first voice (first pitch). Then the 2nd pitch (20 or so episodes into season one), which is her normal Ash voice. And then, there's the late season one/Kanto pitch, which sounds high pitched. ^^

    I wish they hadn't closed that thread, lol. I wanted to talk about Veronica's Ash voice some more. XD
    Hi, it's nice to meet a new member :).

    I'm Sayho1234 & I've been watching this anime ever since 1998. How long have you been a fan of it :).
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